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The Store Guaranteed To Make Your Mother (or Grandmother) Exclaim: “I Should’ve Kept All of My Clothes!”

If there’s one thing business owners Emily Kaler, Bella Conte and Lily Walters know and love, it’s vintage. After individual stints with pop-up markets around the greater Denver area, the Lost Room ladies banded together with a community-minded vision rooted in sustainability and inclusivity. 

According to popular reseller, thredUP, the secondhand market is supposed to double in the next five years. Lost Room is sure to be a part of this growth, with aims to give clothes a second (or third) life. Not to mention, their prices are accessible, helping consumers combat fast fashion and feel less pressure while shopping. 

“Our main goal in sharing vintage with the community is to help people feel confident in themselves through outfits while also bringing awareness to keeping clothes out of the landfill,” Lily says. 

They do just that, and then some. With certain resellers missing the mark on size inclusivity, Lost Room goes the extra mile offering something for everyone and every body.

 “We’ve had customers come in and share that they’ve never been able to find vintage. Now they are repeat customers. It’s been a really special thing to experience because of the availability of sizes,” Bella says. 

With three distinct styles and keen eyes, the Lost Room team has curated a colorful collection of items ranging from furniture and coats to cowboy boots and Y2K baguette bags. More recently, in an attempt to foster community involvement, they held a coat drive for the winter months.

“We host monthly events that allow us to spend quality time with the people who are shopping at our store,” Emily says. “This also offers a platform for smaller local artists to share what they do!”

In the future, they hope to expand and transition into a larger and more permanent space. Personal styling sessions will soon be available for those looking to jump start their wardrobe. 

Diamond-in-a-haystack vintage find: 

Bella: Two Moschino mini dresses at Goodwill for $80, authentic Chanel bag with chain straps 

Lily: Marble dining table

Emily: Chloe trench coat (almost screamed when found!) 

Inside The Source Hotel

3350 Brighton Blvd. Suite #120

Denver, CO


@lostroomcollective (Instagram)

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