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Article by Hayley Hyer

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Sometimes it feels so good to do something completely out of the ordinary. If you've been considering a new look or keep saving pictures of a certain hair color on Pinterest, it's time to take the plunge! Hair grows. Hair can be recolored. As long as you talk to your stylist about your hair health and how to keep your strands in top condition, you're in the clear.

Blonde Hair

Has your hair stylist opened up shop again? You're probably dying to get in there and get a fresh cut and color! After not being able to get your hair done by a professional for a while, you might be feeling like you want to go all out and try a whole new look. If you have naturally blonde hair or have been lightening your hair to be blonde, here are some trends that would be easy to achieve from your current shade without being too hard on your hair.

Dark Hair

After going a while without seeing your hairstylist, I bet you can't wait to get in and revive your hair! Maybe you also want to try a different shade and do something new. Whether you just get a toner to give your hair a refresh or go for a brand new all-over color, here are some gorgeous trends for dark hair.

Red Hair

Whether you're a natural redhead, a brunette with auburn flecks, or a blonde wanting to add some strawberry, you can mix up your look by going a couple of shades lighter or darker. Maybe you add some highlights. Maybe you don't have any red in your hair at all and want to try something totally new!

Whatever the case, here are some red hairstyles that are trending this year.

Short Hair

We're living in a weird time, and a lot of us are so happy to be able to go to our hairstylists again, but that doesn't mean everything feels normal.

It might feel good to embrace the weird and try something totally new with your hair. I gave myself one of these trendy cuts (big risk—I know!), and it turns out that I now get compliments on it everywhere I go. Even when I have my mask on at the grocery store!

Make sure you talk with your stylist about how much maintenance would be involved and the easiest ways to style your hair each day. I love my new cut because it works with the wavy, messy-on-purpose look, so I don't always have to style it with heat if I don't feel like it.

Here are the looks that might inspire you!

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