How to Cut Your Husband's Hair


Article by Hayley Hyer

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Has you husband been complaining about how long his hair is getting? Have you been complaining about it too? Don't worry, he doesn't have to turn into the drummer of a rock band during quarantine. You can learn how to cut his hair for him with this article, How to Cut Mens Hair, According to a Barber, from Byrdie.com.

Whether you're a novice stylist or absolute beginner, performing a men's haircut on short hair may give you trepidation. Unlike a blunt trim on long hair, a closer crop involves clippers, shaping with scissors, blending, and the like.

As a licensed master stylist, I'm here to offer some levity. Below, I've put together some tips that myself and my colleagues think will help ease your styling trepidation. Each approach will vary by stylist, but there are some basic principles that all professionals (and non-professionals) can implement to improve speed and quality when cutting men's hair.

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