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Article by Kristen Wojdan

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Originally published in Frederick Lifestyle

Steve Sparks, also known as "Captain America" by his fitness clients, seems to be more like Superman as he continues to pursue his dreams to become a professional boxer and funds this dream with his new lifestyle apparel brand Just Livin' Clothing Co.—all while running his personal training/ lifestyle business, Mount Olympus Fitness and Boxing, located inside of Jaspers Corner Boxing Gym in Frederick. Here are some excerpts from his very inspirational story:


I have competed in amateur boxing for the past seven years at some of the highest levels. I was the 2022 Washington D.C State and five state regional Golden Gloves Champion earning my place on the 2022 Washington DC National Golden Gloves team. I won the Baltimore Boxing East Coast Heavyweight Championship and was selected to represent Frederick, Maryland on the U.S. team. Now, I am on my journey to compete as a professional boxer. 


I have been a certified personal trainer for almost 10 years and a nutritionist for 3 years. My goal with Mount Olympus is to help as many people as I can learn how to live a healthy lifestyle that makes them feel good and adds longevity to their bodies. I offer private personal trainings in the gym or at your own home, virtual training sessions and fitness classes for those who want to be around other like minded individuals! 

Lifestyle Apparel

In 2021, I launched my own clothing line, Just Livin' Clothing Co., to help pay for the training costs of competitive boxing. I like using my clothing line to spread positive, encouraging and motivating messages to everyone who not only buys something but to anyone who might see the never know how much someone may have needed a positive message that day. 


During my teen years, I suffered from a genetic defect that would cause my knee caps to dislocate. By the time I was 17, I dislocated my knees almost 30 times. I was diagnosed with a genetic defect and after a few major surgeries, it was corrected. I had a Tibial tuberosity osteotomy (TTO) with quad reconstruction on both legs within three months of each other.

As a result of spending months in a wheel chair during my recovery, I struggled with mental battles of depression and anxiety, even drug addiction from the use of pain killers. I felt stuck—inside my head, in the wheelchair, in my room, in pain. I spent 13 years in physical therapy. During this time I learned about the body and how muscles worked and responded. 

During that time of pain and inactivity, I gained a lot of weight, at one point weighing 350 pounds! What motivated me the most to get my health under control was when a cardiologist told me I had left side ventricle dysplasia. I was put on bed rest again and was told if my heart rate became high enough, I could go into cardiac arrest and die.

After a long season of tests, I was finally cleared to begin my journey again; this time I was going to become the healthiest version of myself! I lost a total of 150 pounds over the next 18 months. Not only did my overall health improve, but the pain in my knees had become almost tolerable. Now, I work everyday to make sure my body is able to carry me into my golden years and continue "just livin'" my most adventurous life I can! 

Inspirational Quote 

"I can do this all day!" (Captain America Steve Rodgers). Why? Because my life has felt like a constant battle and having the courage to stand up and continue on no matter how big or scary the obstacles are is something that I use to not only inspire myself every day but also my clients.

Big Goal

To open my own gym location that offers a wide variety of options for people to become the healthiest version of themselves; a place where people can come to encourage and motivate each other to continue making progress toward their fitness goals as a community. 


I became a personal trainer/ lifestyle coach because I’m passionate about helping as many people as I can live their healthiest lives.

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