Beyond the Resolution

Five Ways to Live Your Best Life in 2019

Each year in January, New Year's resolutions march into town like the Macy's Day Parade. Social media is cluttered with declarations of change as people assert their bold plans for the future. The idea behind resolutions is sound: new year, new goals, new you. Yet, many of us fail to see them through because the catalyst for these changes is forced. In order to truly pursue our best selves, we need more than a holiday or peer pressure. It takes year-round dedication and the deep-rooted belief that we can improve, as well as setting realistic goals for ourselves. Seeking quick results and immediate satisfaction can ultimately lead to feelings of failure, which is the reason people give up. You know you want to be better, but do you know why?

Try these five achievable ideas for making strides toward self-improvement. Slow and steady wins the race to living your best life, and once you figure out your reasons for wanting to improve, you are in charge of setting the mile markers along the road.

Reduce Your Screen Time
Put away the gadgets and disconnect for a while. Relaxing with a good book is the perfect way to spend a dreary winter evening. Billings Public Library offers a vast selection of engrossing titles to satisfy all readers.


Refine Your Body
Regular physical activity has been proven to positively impact basically all aspects of life, elevating mood, combatting diseases, controlling weight and promoting better sleep. Ready to begin a workout regimen? Check out Granite Fitness.

"Our programming sets us apart from all other gyms in town," says Shara Overstreet, the owner/general manager. "We offer over 130 fitness classes, personal training, small group training and nutrition coaching catering to all ages. All of our trainers and instructors are nationally certified."


Improve Your Health
Adequate nutrition can be difficult to incorporate into our everyday lives, especially since so many low-quality food choices are readily available.

“We all have nutritional gaps, and those gaps need to be filled with premium nutrition,” says Trisha Kalfell, 200K VIP Independent Brand Promoter of the Thrive Experience. “The Thrive Experience is premium nutrition that contains plant extracts, is gluten-free and non-GMO and focuses on digestive health.”

Depending on your personal goals and lifestyle, Thrive by Le-Vel also offers support and benefits in weight management, cognitive performance, healthy joint function, and digestive and immune aid.

TrishaKalfell.com (use code LV-193216-MG11)

Uplift Your Spirit
"Faith Chapel is a church that is committed to following and serving Jesus,” says Jordan Steingraber, communications director at Faith Chapel. “Jesus deeply valued human beings; welcomed sinners, skeptics and saints alike; and we strive to do the same. We live in a culture where we are taught that happiness is our ultimate goal, but we aim to live in a way that instead communicates that serving others is more worthwhile. Our experience is that when we give back, we flourish.”

Become involved with one of their ministries or Billings and Beyond, Faith Chapel's outreach to the people in need in our community and throughout the world.


Stimulate Your Mind
Learning a musical instrument can lead to a myriad of benefits. According to the Kent State University music department, musical education can improve neural activity, fine-tune auditory skills, develop creative thinking, increase coordination and boost academic performance. Hansen Music offers lessons for those who would like to pursue drums, guitar, banjo or singing.

“It’s a great release, a great way to be able to express your creativity,” says Troy Falcon, guitar sales associate. “Also being able to relate to others, it's a universal language you can speak to anyone.”

It's never too late to begin your musical journey and strengthen your brain.


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