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Biking is Back

Race and socialize with the Aspen Cycling Club

Cycling is often seen as an individual sport—and many use biking to have some alone time or set personal goals—but there is something important to be said about biking within a community. Whether you are new to biking or a seasoned cyclist, the Aspen Cycling Club is a great community to bring this solo activity into a social space. 

Why the club started

The Aspen Cycling Club was started 39 years ago by avid bikers who wanted to do what they loved: bike! The club’s Managing Director, Kristen Heath, shares, “We encourage everyone to get out on their bike. We love biking and want to share that passion!” The club has many types of members and therefore many benefits to the community. Some members use this club to advance their skills through clinics and races, whereas other members join the club to become more confident in their biking abilities and to meet other bikers at their same level. “One of the biggest reasons people don’t want to race is due to intimidation,” Heath adds. “We want everyone to feel included and to experience the support and the strong community feel that is our club, so we are trying to offer a wide selection of activities.”

What the club does

While it has become one of the premier cycling clubs in the country, the events remain community-powered through the generosity of volunteers, business sponsors, and individual donors throughout the 16-week schedule. “We ride every Wednesday night from May 17th to September 6th, and there are four waves of riders for different experience levels,” Heath informs us. “On Sundays, we offer a free social ride to the Maroon Bells, and other nights, we offer free skills clinics and maintenance clinics, plus we have a trails day in which all of our members work on a designated trail; we firmly believe if we use the trails, we also need to maintain them!” The Aspen Cycling Club puts on road and mountain bike races of their own each year. Heath announces, “New this year will be a Gran Fondo—Italian for “big ride”—on July 8th. There are three distances to choose from: 30, 60, or 100 miles, and the ride is supported, meaning it has water, food, and toilets along the way. Then, there will be a finish line party at the end!”

How to join

Interested bikers can visit to learn more about events and to register. The club is currently offering women 50% off registration with code FEMALE50. Also, youth under 18 are offered a free membership.