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Bleedin’ Blue 24/7

St. Louis Blues Hockey Head Coach First in Fan Line Among Bluenatics and the Arch City

“I absolutely love the whole process of being a head coach and part of a team,” divulges St. Louis Blues ice hockey coach Craig Berube, who’s enthusiastically embraced the hockey lifestyle his entire life.

Craig, whose father played hockey until he was 81 years old and whose uncles coached him, says it’s “just what we all do.”

The retired Canadian professional winger played in 1,054 games between 1983-2004, scoring 61 goals and 98 assists, with the following teams:  Philadelphia Flyers, Toronto Maple Leafs, Calgary Flames, Washington Capitals and New York Islanders.

“Being in that locker-room is where so much happens, everything really, where decisions are made. It’s where we instill that motivating, ‘don’t be satisfied’ philosophy,” says Craig.

As an emergency fill-in Blues coach in 2018, the Alberta native reassembled a bottom-of-the-league St. Louis team, directed a Gloria-winning streak and famously led them to their ‘Cinderella’ Stanley Cup victory. Since then, Craig served as the Blues head coach.

Craig’s equal love in his life is new bride, Dominique Pino. She’s a native of Italy and a great cook, he says. When he’s not in St. Louis, they anchor their family in the Philadelphia area.

He’s a huge (Baltimore) Ravens football fan, and before that, he enjoyed watching the style in which the (San Francisco) 49ers, led by quarterback Joe Montana, played the game.

He says the Blues’ players are “the best to be around,” because they practice comradery every day. During games, he adds that their style is to dominate puck possession time by controlling and attacking together.

Craig’s Other Loves Besides Hockey:

  • Paul Manno’s in Chesterfield. “I’ve tried them all. I love this restaurant. Steaks are my favorite meal.”
  • Daytrips with his family.
  • Golfing in summer. “My buddies and I play competitively and for fun.”
  • His preferred pizza style? Thin. “Peno (Peno Soul Food) makes a great pizza.”
  • Music from the late 1960s to 1970s, ranging from Bob Dylan and Neal Young to The Stones, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. “I’ve loved music since I was a kid. I’m not necessarily a country music lover, but I like Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash.”
  • Fly fishing. “I went fly fishing in Vail for the first time in 2021, and discovered I really liked the relaxation it brings.”
  • Working out. “I was a tough kid who had to be doing something all the time. I just look forward to working out, and get antsy if I can’t do that.”
  • Custom suits from Bespoke Apparel in Clayton, especially for NHL games. As a fashion designer, his wife makes his ties, but for suits, he “only goes to David (Corbitt).”
  • Ease of mobility. “It’s easy to get around in St. Louis, from little pockets of Clayton, Chesterfield and Frontenac. It’s a great, smaller town. The people make St. Louis.”

“St. Louis is a wonderful sports team city. People here are more passionate. The Blues fans support their team, no matter what. People still thank me for the Cup,” he adds.

During presstime, Head Coach Craig became just the seventh coach in National Hockey League history to win 200 games behind the bench AND play in at least 1,000 NHL games!