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Blooming Success

Five Tips to Prepare Your Spring Garden in Central Texas

Know your zone and plant accordingly
Always double check the tags on any plants you buy at local nurseries, as sometimes they will import plants that aren’t suited to our unique climate. Dripping Springs is in Zone 8A.

Timing is everything
We typically don’t recommend planting any new shrubs or plants outdoors until mid-March. Planting too early can expose your garden to unexpected late frosts, while planting too late may limit the growing season for certain species.

Soil preparation for success
Soil in the Hill Country often benefits from organic matter additions, such as compost, to improve water retention and drainage. Lawn aeration and overseeding is the best way to give your grass a boost so it can thrive through the harsh summer months ahead.

Water wisely
Consider installing a drip irrigation system to deliver water directly to the roots, reducing water waste. Collect rainwater in barrels during the occasional showers to use during drier periods. Additionally, choose drought-tolerant native plants that can withstand Texas' hot and dry climate.         

Companion planting for pest control
Texas gardens are not immune to pests, but you can employ natural pest control methods by incorporating companion planting strategies. Planting marigolds can deter nematodes, and attracting ladybugs can aid in controlling aphids. I @desert_rose_la