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Boo! October is All About Halloween

@TheCharlestonMoms curated a pumpkin craft and “spooky” recipe for fall family fun.

October is pumpkin month! From pumpkin spice everything to jack-o-lantern carving, it just wouldn’t be fall without them.

Halloween is more than just one day of the month, it’s a month-long theme for outdoor neighborhood parties, costume contests, and, of course, jump scares! With the cooler weather in October, Halloween is also the perfect theme for family fun - from crafts to cooking.

We asked Joan Sturgis and Jodi Vitali of Charleston Moms (@thecharlestonmoms) for fun Halloween activities for all age groups. Cheers!

Graveyard Dirt Cups
8oz clear plastic cups 
Chocolate pudding
Candy eyeballs
Milano cookies
Gummy worms
Pumpkin candy corn

Assemble your graveyard dirt cup starting with alternating layers of crushed Oreo cookie and chocolate pudding. You can also add candy eyeballs in these layers. On top, use a Milano cookie as a “headstone” and assemble your candy. Then enjoy your quick and easy graveyard dirt cup. Feel free to swap out your candy/cookie of choice.

Pumpkin Sun Catchers
Orange and black cardstock/construction paper
Colorful cellophane or tissue paper
Laminating paper/self-adhesive paper

Start by drawing a pumpkin outline on your paper and cutting it out. Draw and cut shapes for the pumpkin’s face too. Using cellophane or tissue paper, cut 2–4-inch squares and other shapes to fill your sun catcher.

Place the self-adhesive paper or laminating paper sticky-side-up and secure with a small piece of tape on each corner. Place the pumpkin outline on the sticky paper and arrange the face. Use tissue paper or cellophane to fill the pumpkin.

Put another sheet of self-adhesive paper on top (sticky-sides together) to “seal” your sun catcher. Cut around the pumpkin and hang in a window with lots of sunshine. You can add glitter or buttons for a more sensory activity. Have fun with it!

  • Hang the sun catchers on your kitchen window all October long.
  • Ingredient suggestions for Graveyard Dirt Cups.
  • Organize your ingredients.
  • Craft materials for your pumpkin sun catchers.
  • Voila!
  • Fun for all ages!
  • Add the colors and shapes you love.