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Maison Garrison: Elevating Women's Style with European Flair

Shirley Garrison's Inspiring Journey Empowering Confidence Through Fashion

With a sustainable mission in mind, Shirley Garrison brings the trends of European fashion to her boutique Maison Garrison. Founded in 2019, Maison Garrison offers women’s apparel with a European flair inspired by Shirley’s travels to Milan and Paris.

“That fashion style is fast forward to the U.S. fashion,” Shirley said. “By the time all the regular stores obtain the styles and the looks we’re now two years ahead.”

After working in corporate America, Shirley fully committed herself to Maison Garrison this year. Shirley was born and raised in Belgium and said she was inspired to design fashion that makes women feel beautiful.

“Being born and raised in Europe, I always had a strong passion to get in the fashion business. We take pride in bringing these European styles to Claremont,” Shirley said

The boutique focuses on an eclectic mix of pieces to be used in the office, leisure wear, everyday clothing, and event outfits. Shirley said the goal of Maison Garrison is to make a lasting first impression and to help women find their individualized styles.

“I am here for all the ladies to feel good in their skin and walk out with more confidence than they ever had,” Shirley said.

Although there are many boutiques in the area, Shirley said she noticed there were not many boutiques with unique high-quality fashion at an affordable price. She said she is proud to use their high-quality fabric selection from around the world. 

“That’s what our customers love here. They only have to put their hand on the fabric and they already know its quality. Once they try it on, they’re sold,” Shirley said.

One aspect of the company that Shirley is very proud of is the fact that all of its designs are manufactured in the United States. Shirley said it was important to her that Maison Garrison ethically produced their clothing and still offer it at a reasonable price. 

Maison Garrison focuses on producing their clothing and accessories in small batches to ensure the highest quality. Shirley also said once pieces sell out, only a few people own that piece of clothing which makes their clothes more unique. 

In addition to their quality clothing and accessories, Shirley said the team at Maison Garrison helps customers find the right pieces and style them. She said she strives to provide a full-service boutique.

“You get styled for free. We look at skin tone, hair color, eye color, and shape of the body and we help style these women to their fullest potential,” Shirley said.

Shirley said so many customers get compliments for new outfits and she has met returning customers who come to refresh their own wardrobe. She said she has always been driven by making other women feel beautiful in the way that they dress.

“Making women more confident in themselves and feeling better about themselves is my drive,” Shirley said.

Maison Garrison has grown from its roots in the high desert area and looks to expand to beach communities in the near future. However, their focus is currently on their store located in Claremont, California. They have a website where customers can shop, along with their storefront. They also have yearly appearances at the Village Venture Festival and appear at many community events in Claremont.

“I am here for all the ladies to feel good in their skin and walk out with more confidence than they ever had.” --Shirley Garrison.