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Gabrielle Howell talks about her journey to wellness while helping others find their way.

Article by Anika Baty-Mills

Photography by Edison Manalo Poemtography

Originally published in Columbia Lifestyle

Growing up in Hartford County, Gabrielle Howell lived an active lifestyle. She was a member of the Soccer Club of Baltimore, playing from 7 to 20 years old. An athlete the majority of her life, staying active was always on Howell’s mind.  After moving to Tulsa, Oklahoma, Howell worked as a full-time graphic designer, but fitness was still in her heart. New to the area, she sought a fitness community through which she could get back in physical shape. Her relationship at the time was unhealthy, so she needed healing in her mind and in her spirit as much as in her body. As Howell committed more and more time to her practice, her instructor began to notice her exceptional progress and, encouraged Howell to become an instructor herself.

One thing really did lead to another; and I would have never thought that I would be in the space that I am currently in,” Howell explains.  The space she’s in is as an effective consultant with a growing business.  As her class load began to grow she was able to leave her full-time job as a graphic designer and began teaching yoga full time.

Eventually Howell and her family moved back to Maryland, she was able to establish a co-parenting relationship and a beautiful, healthy relationship with a supportive partner. She credits yoga for helping her heal, not only within herself, but also in her relationships.

“It’s the small decisions we make every day,” she says.

The acknowledgment of that is what helped Gabrielle to rewrite her story.

Fast Forward

“When I started my wellness business, my son was 4 weeks old,” Howell says.  Starting a business with a small child is a feat, but Howell is no stranger to meeting challenges head on.  “It sounds crazy to others, but the timing totally made sense to me. Being able to be with my children and still run my business full time.  It just made sense,” says Howell.

Howell is now the proud founder and owner of Breathe Create Love and describers her roll as a wellness consultant.  Her clients can explore a physical yoga practice through retreats, workshops, and private sessions.  She also helps clients refine and support their diet, and helps them to explore the reasons behind their habits.  “I want to help people feel better in their bodies with peace, love and compassion,” says Howell.

Working with male and female clients, Howell recognizes that they all have their struggles, which make them human.  People are working and dealing with some, she says, so helping them create a path to their goals, whether it be weight maintenance, live a clean, toxin free lifestyle, or help with accountability, she loves to help.

Staying current with continuing education is a regular part of her own growth. She attend regular training that allows her to be a better consultant for her clients. It’s important to Howell that her clients understand, that as much as she is there to help them, she is doing the very same work that she is asking them to do.  Working (in person or online) with male and female clients in weight management, clean living and accountability presents opportunities to help create a path towards their goal.  She helps her clients understand that taking time for them is important.  If you are looking for guidance on your health and wellness journey, contact Howell for a consultation. She can be reached at BreatheCreateLove.com

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