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Helping Soaring Lives Run Smoothly Sometimes Takes a Village

Article by Julie Brown Patton

Photography by Katie Kelley and Katie Kauss

Originally published in Green Hills Lifestyle

When Cayla Brooks moved to Nashville from New York City three years ago, she remembers not a single agency could assist her with the type of job search she was conducting.

“Realizing the demand for personal service and household staffing was at an all-time high in Nashville, I decided to meet that need with my own agency,” the entrepreneur says.

Cayla’s results have been phenomenal—even landing her an integral role in managing the household needs of Hayley and her husband, Tyler Hubbard, a vocalist of the American country music duo, Florida Georgia Line.

When dealing with the utmost private matters of other people’s lives, Cayla says the interviewing and vetting process for her staffing is crucial.

“For candidates, I find the most beneficial thing I can do is get to know them fully. I begin with an initial phone interview, then I meet each candidate in-person over coffee or lunch. I also rely on a very thorough reference and background check system.”

—Cayla Brooks

For most people seeking personal assistants, knowledge matters, but so does attitude. How assistants fit in with households or families is critical.

Depending on personal preferences and the expectant duties of an assistant, some want assistants who are go-getters, assertive, ambitious and detail-oriented. Others prefer someone who’s more amiable and gentler in their approach.

The benefits assistants provide are all about keeping schedules (doctor’s appointments, sports practice, recitals and other events), and may include transporting family members. Responsibilities also involve being trusted eyes and ears, freeing up time to help achieve a better overall balance and helping clients develop management skills by sharing effective communication and delegation.

The top three questions that Cayla says she’s asked by clients are the following:

1. How long does it typically take to find just-right candidates? She says clients can expect to have candidate profiles to consider within 2-4 weeks of starting the search. 

2. From where does she find candidates? She says candidates often reach out to her through referrals, Instagram and her website.

3. What happens if it doesn't work out with a chosen candidate? Cayla replaces the staffer if situations don’t work out with candidates due to either party within the first 90 days.

Cayla says Brooks Household Staffing is a service that makes lives easier.

“We offer busy people what they need most—time! Whether you’re a CEO or a stay-at-home mom, our job is to free up your schedule, allowing you to do the things that matter most.”

—Cayla Brooks

She says her business best meshes with anyone who has a busy lifestyle and could use extra help in the home or in the office.

To make best matches between staffers and clients, Cayla says she searches for candidates with experience.

“But more than experience, I want to find good personality fits. No matter how much experience a candidate has, the personality has to be right for the family.”

Brooks Household Staffing main placements encompass the following services:

  • Personal Assistants: They take care of planning events, running errands, paying bills, arranging travel and managing family or business calendars.
  • Private Chefs: They are experienced meal preparers who assume all of the responsibilities of mealtimes. Private chefs can be responsible for three meals a day and can cater food-oriented parties. Private chefs can accommodate any dietary restrictions while also stocking refrigerators and pantries.
  • Housekeepers: They keep homes clean and organized so families can focus on each other. Duties include deep cleaning, laundry, organizing and inventorying supplies.
  • House Managers: They manage staffers, organize staff schedules, manage budgets and payroll and oversee home maintenance.


Putting the Household Staffing Model to the Test

It’s hard to dispute that Tyler and Hayley Hubbard lead super busy lives. There's the touring—and FGL launched their own Old Camp Peach Pecan Whiskey, as well as thriving businesses FGL HOUSE, Meet and Greet, Tree Vibez Music and Tribe Kelley. The world-class entertainers will further elevate their status with a limited residency, "Florida Georgia Line Live from Las Vegas," inside Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino beginning Dec. 1.

Even with a second child about to meet the world, Hayley was kind enough to pause and answer the following questions from Green Hills Lifestyle about what it’s like to run a household entrusted to an expanded set of hands, eyes and skills.

How did living a life that's often in the public spotlight shape or influence how you wanted to set up your private household life, which involves helpers?

I think whether or not you’re in the public spotlight, privacy and trustworthy employees are qualities you look for when setting up your personal household life. Tyler and I wanted to surround ourselves with people who had our best interests at heart. It’s been a work in progress since our lives got to the point when we knew we needed help outside of the support of our family and friends. We’ve learned it’s worth spending a little extra to find helpers with previous experience in their particular fields and are professional. Our next struggle, though, was actually finding those perfect people for the jobs, which is why we’re so glad to have Brooks Household Staffing in our lives. You can’t put a price tag on the peace of mind that comes along with finding the right people for your team.

Please confirm which Brooks Household Staffing services you’re employing.  

We started very small and expanded our staff as our family and our needs grew. It may sound over-the-top—because if someone would have told us five years ago that we’d have this staff now, we would’ve said they were crazy—but it works for our busy lifestyle. Over time, we’ve had a mix of personal assistant, house manager, property manager, housekeeper, nanny and chef. We want a healthy and happy work environment for everyone, including us, so we can all be our best selves personally and professionally.

Was it difficult to decide to let down your guard and allow others into your home to assist with private and personal matters—to trust?

It can be hard for us to ask for help and admit that we need it, so it was definitely difficult to let our guard down and allow others into our lives. It still can be at times, especially with our personalities. We actually love to do everything ourselves but just don’t always have the time. When at home, Tyler and I want to be present and spend quality time with our family, so we’ve learned to communicate well and delegate and focus more on the things we enjoy doing.

You have Olivia and are expecting Luca in August. How is Brooks Household Staffing transitioning and growing with you? 

It’s been a complete game-changer having Brooks Household Staffing find the right people for our home but especially now that we have a child and another on the way. Cayla has previous experience as an exceptional, full-time nanny in New York City, as well as our assistant and house manager. She knows what it takes to do all of these jobs with high standards. She’s streamlined our hiring process and fine-tuned it in a way that no one else has been able to. We trust her and know the candidates she brings us have gone through an appropriate screening. Without a doubt, she’s giving us the best people for the job!

How important is it to have a good team around you?

Having a strong team around us is vital, and it’s true when they say, “It takes a village.”  We really are able to be our best selves, do our jobs better, be present parenting, and enjoy our time at home to the fullest now that we have such a great team.

What considerations would you suggest to others who are thinking about exploring household services for themselves?

We always think it’s best to find where you feel your time is most needed and what you value most. Then decide if there’s a person or a service that can help make your life easier. Next, of course, we’d recommend contacting Brooks Household Staffing for a consult with Cayla to see how she can help make your life easier.


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