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This twist on the Old Fashioned evokes winter warmth

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Brown Butter Old Fashioned

A new twist on a traditional classic by The Federal

By using a process called fat washing, The Federal creates a seasonal version of the original whiskey cocktail.

Brown Butter Bourbon


750 ml bourbon (Elijah Craig Small Batch)

340 grams unsalted butter


Place bourbon in a bowl and set aside for the end of this recipe

Put room temperature butter in saucepan

Over low heat, melt butter until fully liquefied

Increase to medium heat and bring to a boil

Once boiling, reduce heat to low medium and stir; mix constantly with a whisk

Once butter begins to change color to a deep gold, remove from heat

Begin to whisk the mix rapidly, constantly inspecting the color 

Once the butter has turned auburn, immediately add it to the bourbon

Transfer the bourbon and butter into a shakeable container, such as the original bottle or a mason jar

Once the butter has begun to solidify, shake a final time and then place in the freezer for a minimum of 4 hours

Once finished chilling, strain through cheesecloth (coffee filters work but are less effective)

Once strained, the product is now finished

Port-Soaked Sultana Demerara Syrup


200 grams demerara sugar

100 milliliters water

75 grams sultanas (for port soaking)

75 grams sultanas

35 milliliters port wine


Soak 75 grams of sultanas in port wine overnight to hydrate

Place unsoaked 75 grams of sultanas in a small saucepan

Set heat to medium and toast sultanas until fragrant

 Add 100 milliliters of water and bring to boil

 Reduce heat to low and add 200 grams of demerara sugar

 Stir until sugar has completely dissolved

Transfer liquids to a 16 oz mason jar

 Strain port-soaked sultanas and add port-soaked sultanas to the mason jar

 Set mason jar in a water bath with an immersion circulator set to 140 degrees F

 Steep for 8 hours

 Strain through a fine mesh sieve

 Once strained, product is now finished

If you do not own an immersion circulator, you can bring water to a boil in a small saucepan, remove from heat and gently place the mason jar into the boiling water.  Do this twice at three-hour intervals.

Hazelnut Bitters


1 Navel orange

10 Cloves

10 Black Peppercorns

100 grams hazelnuts

150 milliliters 190 proof neutral grain spirit


              Peel orange

              Place all ingredients including orange peel into a 16oz mason jar

              Let sit for 2 weeks agitating mixture in the morning and at night.

              After 2 weeks strain mixture

              Press the hazelnuts to extract liquid within

              Using a dilution calculator bring the leftover liquid product to 120 proof

              Once diluted, the product is finished

Brown Butter Old Fashioned – The Cowboy B-BOF

2 oz Brown Butter Washed Bourbon

.25 oz Port-Soaked Sultana Demerara

2 dashes hazelnut bitters

The Federal's Alastair Cowieson developed this recipe exclusively for West Springfield Lifestyle.

  • Before, during, and after the fat washing process
  • Sultanas, demerara syrup, and hazelnut bitters
  • Elijah Craig Kentucky bourbon is used for the liquor base
  • In transition
  • The cocktail is garnished with orange and served over plenty of ice
  • This twist on the Old Fashioned evokes winter warmth