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When Tiffany Poole started thinking earlier this year about acquiring a spa to add to her growing list of businesses, she knew exactly who she wanted to run the day-to-day operations. Natalia Nakamura was not only her best friend, but also her boxing coach and fiercest rival in the gym that Natalia ran. Both women adhere to the “core four” of priorities - faith, family, finances, and fitness. Tiffany wanted to purchase an existing spa in Colleyville and knew she wanted Natalia to partner with her.

“Because we were so close, I didn’t want to put her in a position to influence her, so I started dropping little hints like, ‘What would you do if you had a piece of something bigger? Because you're running this gym, but you're just going to cap out your salary and it’s never going to be yours. What if you had something similar that you would actually enjoy more and you could add your name and be a part of something that you even pass on to your children?” Being a methodical thinker, it took Natalia some time to come to a decision. “I went to her and I said, ‘I’m in,’ Natalia recalls, “But I’m not in if this affects our friendship; because I love you too much. If we are good on that aspect, then let's do this.” With Natalia onboard, Tiffany acquired the spa and former competitors hit the ground running. “I knew that I couldn’t do it without her,” Tiffany says, “I need someone that can run the day-to-day operations and that’s really her forte’ and her expertise.”

The result was a complete remodel and re-brand, transforming the over ten-year-old day spa on Glade Road in Colleyville, into the high-class DiVine Med Spa with the latest in technology and services. But they knew that a new name, a shiny logo, and a high-class facility were pointless if they weren’t committed to having their customers’ best interests in hand. “I understand the stigma behind a med spa, that they are vain, and whatever people want to think about that,” Natalia says. “But for us, we are here to make you feel beautiful and worthy from the inside out. Because that’s truly where our hearts are. Like hey, you're feeling insecure a little bit; so we want you to come and we want to connect with you in a way that we can help you feel good from the inside out; because that’s where it starts. It goes hand in hand with our fitness background. It all starts somewhere else. It all starts somewhere deeper. So we can give you the services, but you are not going to feel beautiful and confident just by sticking all of this stuff in your face. We’ve got to figure out in your mind and in your heart what’s going on first. And that’s what we lead with, so we want our customers to know that DiVine is way more than just a med spa.”

“When you come into DiVine Med Spa, we are not going to be there to sell you or upsell you on some product or service,” Tiffany says. “We actually want to educate before we enhance. It really is about how we can achieve what they want, without doing something that maybe harms them in a way just because they thought they knew what they wanted but end up disappointed with the results since it’s not what they really needed. We want them to leave saying, ‘I am happy, I feel good inside, and I love my outcome.’”

When asked what their favorite services are, both Tiffany and Natalia immediately listed the Morpheus8, a radiofrequency skin tightening technique used on many parts of the face and body. A good candidate for the Morpheus8 the ladies said, is anyone that has fat, loose skin, scars or stretch marks that they are unhappy with. “It’s going to put surgeries out of business,” Tiffany says. Another exciting new treatment is the EvolveX, which is also a non-surgical procedure designed specifically to increase muscle strength to enhance the shape and tone of your body without any incision, scarring, or downtime. Good candidates for the EvolveX are anyone who has fat and loose skin they want to get rid of, but don’t have any marks on top of the skin and therefore don’t need the Morpheus8.

For some people, the idea of going into business with their best friend would be daunting, but Tiffany said Natalia is the only person she would have been willing to partner with. “I actually think it’s more difficult than a marriage. Because with marriage you at least have the romantic feelings to get you through the hard times. But we don’t get that.” Having strong communication skills with your best friend is one thing, but once money is involved, it’s on a whole other level. “For me,” Natalia says, “it feels so good to know that Tiffany trusts me and that she will back me no matter if I’m right or if I'm wrong. And that’s what's so rewarding for me, is that I get to learn during the process from one of the best in the business. She will tell me that we messed up and just so I know in the future, she would have done it like this, but it’s ok. So for me, the most rewarding thing is the amount of trust that this woman puts in me, how much she backs me, and the growth and how much I’ve learned from her.” 

Tiffany agrees. “That’s one of the things that I think entrepreneur women business partners should know; that right or wrong, you have to back your person. You have to understand the way that they communicate and be willing to own up to your mistakes without taking it personally. Because you can always come back and say, ‘Here’s where it could have been done better or in a different way,’ but you always have to back them in the moment.”