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A Peruvian Experience in Missouri


Article by Mindy Hargesheimer

Photography by Mindy Hargesheimer

Looking for fun, out of the ordinary local experiences particularly for the animal-lovers at heart? YaYa's Alpaca Farm in Garden City, MO is IT! 

45 minutes south of KCMO, YaYa himself (read: the most heartfelt owner) has created the most warm and inviting, gentle, sweet and accessible private family-owned farm that tells visitors all about how upwards of 50 alpacas came to be a family on a small Missouri farm, as he takes you down an audible journey of the evolution of life’s many surprises, and how one ends up the father of alpacas.

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Resist the Irresistible

Enter the barn as you decipher whether the genteel four-legged friends are real or what seem to be as comparable as the sweetest oversized stuffed animals you could wish for. Alas, the stuffed aspect diminishes as you see the slightest movements of the alpacas’ heads and hind legs. It is then that you discover the true sensitive nature of the creatures and crave nothing more than to pet, feed, cuddle, and feel tempted to sneak one home for your own personal pet!

With a nominal ticket price, the experience goes far beyond a viewing and petting experience; learn the ins and out of what makes these international animals truly special, from the care of them to the variety of colors and contests these best-in-show candidates can compete in. Get your hands on not only their furry coats, but the fiber the team has groomed off to turn into natural and vibrant bundles of useable material, from dryer balls and beyond. Purchase on-theme gifts like “Backpaca Socks” or locally made clutches, jewelry, t-shirts, figurines, and Kansas City-based Zum Bar Soaps.

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When life presents the opportunity to spend your time outdoors, socially distanced, and close to home, extend yourself beyond the 2-mile radius you’re used to and you’ll land upon overwhelmingly fulfilling bucket list experiences like YaYa’s irresistible South American Alpacas!     

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