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Environmental Companies in KC 


Article by Mindy Hargesheimer

Photography by Mindy Hargesheimer

Looking for local businesses who make going green easy? There are A-PLENTY that are here to help you live more sustainably!

I've compiled a list of environmental companies in Kansas City that I have either utilized myself, shopped from, or met their acquaintance in one way or another.

Whether you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint and improve your eco-habits at home, out and about, involve your kids, or your community, start small, or go big; each of these businesses are noteworthy in their efforts to source or create sustainable products, materials or ingredients, provide services to clean the land and air, reduce foods and goods with minimization tactics, and more.

Learn how to calculate your carbon footprint.

We split environmental companies into several categories, depending on their emphasis:

  1. Recycling
  2. Groceries, gardens, consumables
  3. Sustainable goods
  4. Air quality
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1) KC Companies Built for Recycling

  • Turn down plastic straws, cutlery, chopsticks, and plastic bags from carryout
  • Use reusable/washable bottles/tumblers and straws
  • Use reusable shopping bags and return plastic bags to local stores
  • Toss glass into a separate recycling bin
  • Toss food waste into a separate bucket; compost individually or as a community
  • Stop using plastic bags in trash bins

Crush Glass: Glass Recycling | @crushglasskc

"Crush Glass will provide you with an 18-gallon curbside recycling bin at no cost. You can fill that bin with as much glass, and only glass, as you want even with the labels still on. Crush Glass will pick the glass up from your curbside every other week."

Compost Collective KC: Food Waste Curbside Collection | @compostcollectivekc

"Compost Collective KC is a curbside food waste collection company providing clean & efficient composting options all over the KC Metro area. Our goal is to make composting easy for you and divert food waste from ending up in the landfill one bucket at a time."

Ripple Glass: Glass Recycling | @rippleglasskc

"Ripple Glass helps you keep glass out of the trash by providing over 100 free purple glass recycling drop-off bins around the KC metro. After the glass is collected, Ripple Glass processes it, giving your bottles and jars a second life as new beer bottles (like Boulevard Brewing Company’s) or fiberglass insulation!"

KC Can Compost: Food Composting Service | @kccancompost

"KC Can Compost is an innovative nonprofit enterprise committed to the transformation of Kansas City’s social and environmental landscapes. We not only collect organic waste and divert it from the landfill for composting but also educate and train men and women struggling to overcome barriers to employment for work in green industry jobs. Two goods, one solution."

ScrapsKC: Creative #Upcycling and #Education Resource | @scrapskc

"ScrapsKC is a creative reuse center open to our Kansas City community! We accept donations of unwanted art and craft materials and textiles and resell them for creative upcycling. Be part of transforming the unwanted into something of value!"

Holladay Distillery 360 Vodka: Eco-friendly Vodka | @holladay1856 @360vodka

"360 Vodka was created to be the first eco-friendly distilled spirit in the world. With its unique swing-top closure, the 360 bottle was designed for infinite reuse by the consumer. The closures can also be returned through the “Close The Loop” program, and for every closure returned, 360 Vodka makes a donation to environmental organizations and other local charities. We've also planted indigenous trees on 40 acres of the land around the Holladay Distillery. It is estimated that one tree absorbs 2,000 pounds of carbon dioxide in its lifetime, so the planting of these trees will help cut down on the carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to global warming."

KC Junk Magicians: Junk Removal | @kcjunkmagicians

"We understand the impact our business can have on our local environment, which is why we strive always to use green practices with your unwanted items. We work tirelessly to partner with local charities, recycling facilities, and local need-based donation centers to keep our landfill footprint small. Together we can make a difference."

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2) Organizations Focused on Groceries, Gardens, and Consumables

  • Plant a year-round vegetable garden in your yard or with your community
  • Buy foods from local farmers markets
  • Eat less meat and more plant-based meals

Overland Park and City Market Farmers' Markets | @opfarmersmarket @citymarketkc

"Local shoppers can live a more sustainable lifestyle. Local food is an investment in the future. Local foods preserve open space and benefits the environment and wildlife, especially regenerative agriculture which describes farming and grazing practices that reverse climate change by rebuilding soil organic matter and restoring degraded soil biodiversity - resulting in both carbon drawdown and improving the water. Local foods can help helps local taxes down. Farmers’ markets builds local communities. Farmers’ markets helps support local families."

Yum Yards: Home Vegetable Gardening Service | @yumyards

"Created to meet the needs of busy individuals and families that want fresh vegetables in their backyards, but don’t have the time or inclination to deal with the challenges of maintaining a garden, Yum Yards provides a complete, unique home vegetable gardening service that requires as much or as little of your time as you decide. We’ll come to your home and provide a gardening consultation and discuss the possibilities of growing vegetables in your backyard. After that, we’ll do all the work required to build your raised bed gardens, install drip irrigation, plant all the seeds and plants, and then tend to them throughout the seasons. We’ll keep you updated throughout the year and even provide recipes for you to use to make the most of your backyard harvest!"

Kanbe's Markets: Delivering food justice in Kansas City | @kanbesmarkets

"Kanbe's Markets knows our food system's biggest issues— food waste and hunger— go hand-in-hand. That's why our mission to eliminate food deserts focuses on sustainable solutions. Kanbe's makes sure as many pieces of produce— from the highest-quality items to those gone past their prime— find a belly (or plant bed) to fill. So far this year, Kanbe's has saved more than 25,370 pounds of fresh food that would have gone straight into a landfill." 

Big Mood Natural Wines: Natural Wines From Around the World | @bigmoodnaturalwines

"It's important to note that wine and spirits are an agricultural business first and foremost. We scrutinize the herbs, fruit, meat, and other items we purchase in the grocery store, but give little thought to the bottle of wine we take home in terms of what is actually inside the bottle and how it got there. Big Mood Natural Wines' main goal is to provide wines and spirits that are grown without the use of synthetic/petroleum-based herbicides, pesticides, or fungicides-- that is all we stock, wines and spirits without poison."  

Cafe Gratitude: Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurant | @cafegratitudekc

"Our mission statement is: Cafe Gratitude is our expression of a world of plenty. Our food and people are a celebration of our aliveness. We select the finest organic ingredients to honor the earth and ourselves, as we are one and the same. We support local farmers, sustainable agriculture, and environmentally friendly products. Our food is prepared with love. We invite you to step inside and enjoy being someone who chooses: loving your life, adoring yourself, accepting the world, being generous and grateful every day, and experience being provided for. Have fun and enjoy being nourished."

Green Dirt Farm: Environmentally Sustainable Cheese Farm | @greendirtfarm

"At Green Dirt Farm we make humane dairy products from farms using regenerative practices. Our award-winning cheeses are made using sheep and Jersey cow milk from local, grass-fed, Animal Welfare Approved® farms."

Jowler Creek Vineyard & Winery: Missouri's 1st Green Winery | @jowlercreek

"Being Missouri’s First Green Winery, we make choices throughout the year to positively impact our environment from grape to glass. We use green technologies, such as solar power, to make our wine and use sheep to control weeds and chickens to reduce insects in our 7-acre sustainable vineyard."

URBAVORE Urban Farm: Urban Farmstead | @urbavorefarm

"URBAVORE Urban Farm is committed to environmental integrity in every aspect of business and personal life. Our services run full circle with the production of nutrient-rich food crops coupled with our Residential Composting Program that puts food waste back in the land. We feed our community and our soil!"

canihaveabite: Organic Carryout. Local Farmers. Seasonal Menu. | @canihaveabite_kc

"canihaveabite is an organic meal prep and quick service cafe that strives for zero waste. We use compostable packaging for all of our menu items and compost all of our food scraps. We recycle everything that cannot be composted."

Brookside Farmers' Market: Local Farmers Market | @brooksidefarmersmarket

"The market is a bridge between Kansas Citians and their local food source. All of our vendors are the actual farmers and makers. You will find no middleman here. Everything sources from within 100 miles of Kansas City. Most importantly, our vendors are committed to practices that steward our dirt, water, and natural resources."

Messner Bee Farm: Beekeepers and Makers | @messnersbeefarm

"We feel privileged to carry on the long tradition of beeswax apothecary and to be able to do something that supports our favorite rockstar pollinators - honeybees! Now that we're here and it's consuming our days, it's great to know that you're doing something that's helping people, helping the environment and doing right by the species."\

Somerset Ridge Vineyard & Winery: Winery/Vineyard | @somersetridge

"At Somerset Ridge, we believe in putting the planet first using sustainable agricultural methods to grow the highest quality wine grapes that we use to make more than 20 different wines and our Lucky Dog Hard Cider. We produce our own compost and place the highest priority on sourcing everything we buy locally in the quest to provide our customers with delicious wine and a memorable experience."

The Chive, Simply Good Cafe/Market: Locally Sourced Cafe & Market | @thechivesimplygood

"The Chive, Simply Good Cafe/ Market is a locally sourced, farm-to-table restaurant in South Kansas City in partnership with Transparent Brewing Company. We source 75-95% local and are a Certified Level 1 Green Restaurant from the Green Restaurant Association. We compost, recycle, use real service ware and compostable to-go packaging, and have all MO native landscaping."

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3) Businesses with Sustainable Goods

  • Upcycle furniture and decor
  • Shop at vintage and thrift stores
  • Wear washable masks
  • Buy sustainable and non-toxic toiletries, home goods, apparel, etc.

Bella Patina: Purveyors of Vintage Revival | @bellapatinakc

"Bella Patina has always had a love for vintage & repurposed furniture, decor and clothing. By selling vintage, we increase the reuse of wonderful items instead of filling up landfills."

Swanky! Interior Design Gallery: Antique and Modern Furniture | @mainstreetswanky

"What’s better than recycling classic and unique furnishings and art to create beautiful and nurturing environments for you and your loved ones in this mad, mad world? Come to Swanky and be inspired!"

BareNine Holistics: Vegan Skincare and Aromatherapy | @bare9holistics

"I am a local vegan skincare and aromatherapy brand that provides high-quality products with simple ingredients to heal the underlying causes of disruptive skin. We seek to be an eco-friendly partner by upholding our values of being a vegan company that does not use animal products or animal testing. Our products are biodegradable and we use the most recyclable packaging for our shipping that we can find."

Golden & Pine: Interior Design + Ethical Goods for the Home | @goldenandpine

"When I buy for the store, I judge every item based on whether I’d bring it into my own home. Is it well-designed? Is the company transparent about manufacturing processes? Are the materials sustainable? Is it good for people, planet, and profits? Will it hold up in a family home? I also select items that I know our best customers would love and that fit the season."

Zum by Indigo Wild: Natural Products for the Body and Home | @zumbarsoap

“At Indigo Wild, we take ingredients sourced from nature and combine them with essential oil aroma blends to make whiffable Zum products. Our Zum Bar Goat’s Milk Soaps are handmade, hand-labeled, and hand-packed with minimal packaging locally in Kansas City.”

Slow Motion Goods: A home for conscious consumers | @slowmotiongoods x @madi_apparel

"Slow Motion Goods is an immersive, ethical shopping experience for thoughtful consumers. Our focus on ethical manufacturing and waste reduction is reflected in every aspect of our store. We keep already-made goods in motion and out of landfills by artfully reclaiming and renovating them. Our goal is to promote mindful consumption by keeping new and used unwanted goods in motion with the effort of diverting waste from landfills. Welcome home, curious and thoughtful shoppers, to a loungey space where you can stay a while and explore our mission to inspire positive change in the world."

Sully's Mitten Co.: Recycled Wool Creations | @sullysmittenco

"Sully’s Softies premium handmade wool sweater mittens are created by repurposing discarded wool sweaters- keeping them out of the landfill – yay! Carefully chosen felted wool pieces are color coordinated and trims and embellishments are added for final touches. They are then DOUBLE lined with the softest of faux sherpa fleece."

Clothz Minded: A Sustainable Collection Boutique | @clothzminded

"Clothz Minded is a Sustainable Collection Boutique. We believe that sustainable is always in style and everyone can help save the earth one outfit at a time!"

SKIN KC: Natural, Organic Skincare | @skinkc

"To discover the highest quality plant-based ingredients, and turn them into luxurious, non-toxic, skin and body care, with the least amount of environmental impact."

Do Good Co.: Selling Vintage + Gently Loved Clothing | @dogoodkc

"We are a 501c3 Non-profit donation-based apparel and curated goods business dedicated to creating a sustainable shopping experience, founded on a passion for the local community. All of our proceeds benefit our partners, Wayside Waifs, and KidsTLC. Find us at 413 E 18th St in the crossroads arts district!"

Green Utopia KC: Zero Waste, Ecofriendly Shop | @greenutopiakc

"Green Utopia is my way of showing the world how easy living a Green lifestyle can be. As a mom of 2 young boys, I have learned the importance of recycling in my own home. What a difference one family can make! My love for our Earth has motivated me to bring together a shopping experience like no other. I have personally hand chosen and double-inspected each item just for your own family."

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4) Environmental Companies Improving Air Quality

  • Drive less; use public transportation, walk and bikes more
  • Travel by train
  • Buy goods that actively improve air quality
  • Plant more trees
  • Volunteer for community service work

KC Streetcar - RideKC: Public Transportation | @kcstreetcar

"Running from the River Market on the north end to Union Station and Crown Center on the south, KC Streetcar connects all the downtown neighborhoods with 16 platform stops and 2 miles of track. Shop local produce, couture, antiques, and KC memorabilia; drop the commute between work and home; enjoy the culture of art galleries, events, concerts, and plays; satisfy your hunger/thirst/cravings with a variety of culinary offerings … it’s all part of a normal day in downtown Kansas City!"

BikeWalkKC: KC's Active Transportation Non-Profit | @bikewalkkc + @ridekcbike

"BikeWalkKC is a non-profit organization that works to redefine our streets as places for people to create a culture of active living. We advocate for safer streets and connected communities that make walking or bicycling easy and comfortable. RideKC Bike connects people to opportunities with classic pedal bikes and electric-assist bikes available for rent in cities throughout the metro. Bike share provides green, active transportation to jobs, shopping, entertainment and recreation."

The Fat Plant Society: Moss & Biophilic Design Studio | @thefatplantsociety

"The Fat Plant Society creates moss designs with real, American moss that will retain its color for at least ten years while reducing noise and absorbing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the air, improving air quality. As a biophilic design element, moss is ideal for windowless conference rooms, basements, bathrooms, and other "light challenged" spaces because it does not require a natural light source. Unlike living plant walls, moss does not require watering or misting. ever. We handle both commercial and residential installations."

Bridging the Gap: Environmental Volunteer Community | @btg_kc

"Want to make a positive environmental impact and serve your community? Bridging The Gap works to make the Kansas City region sustainable through volunteer action and environmental education. Join us to plant trees, recycle right, clean up litter, and restore KC's wildlands to create a healthier and greener community."

Union Station Amtrak: Public Transportation | @amtrak @unionstationkc 

"Amtrak provides intercity passenger rail services to more than 500 destinations in 46 states on a 22,000-mile route system. In addition to rail travel offering lower emissions per passenger mile, Amtrak has been reducing fuel and energy usage year-over-year with several initiatives including energy efficiency upgrades, improved train handling, and more energy efficient locomotives."

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