Under Austin's starry skies, two female-led companies are embracing the power of the moon to bring balance to our lives.

Sisters Becca Stephens and Emily Bolf were always intrigued by events like eclipses and supermoons, and learning how the moon's cycle provides a helpful structure for a more balanced life - giving time for action, reflection, and rest - led them to create Deuxmoons, botanical candles formulated here in Austin.

Tell us how Deuxmoons can help us capture the moon’s power?

Becoming more mindful of moon phases and having a way to connect to them means we can make progress in our lives without burning ourselves out. For example, the new moon always marks new beginnings, so we created a fresh and bright scent from sandalwood, white ginger and yuzu. The scent is grounding and warm, but the citrus notes evoke a fresh start. Similarly, a waxing moon is about taking action, so we used an invigorating base of eucalyptus, complemented by the softness of amber and moonflower. We tried to incorporate the same botanicals used in ancient moon rituals.

Is the first new moon of the new year, which is on January 2nd, a good time for fresh starts?

Yes! This is when you want to start thinking about upcoming projects or journeys and really committing to them. Some of these may take one cycle to complete, or you can plan them over multiple cycles. The key is to plan for periods of action, periods of reflection, and periods of rest. The January 2nd new moon is in Capricorn, which rules the bones and joints in our bodies, so we recommend taking a hike in nature and a restorative hot bath to clear your mind and connect to your true desires.

And the first full moon of 2022 is on January 17th.

Full Moons are bold and bright and illuminate where you are on your journey. This is a great time to practice gratitude and to take the time to appreciate all that you've accomplished. It also marks the transition from a period of action to one of resting and releasing. The first full moon of 2022 is a "micro" full moon. This means its effects may be more subtle than other full moons in 2022. After a couple of challenging years, we think it will be a nice way to ease into the new year.

Moonlight towers are part of Austin's history and landscape – are you fans?

Well, they're an iconic part of Austin and we love them! My husband (Becca) and his friends would meet up one evening every week under the Zilker Park moon tower during the pandemic. They'd pick up food, sit around and talk, sometimes play guitars, all under that "moonlight."

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When Michelle Simmons, owner of Slow North, attended her first women’s moon circle, her eyes were opened to all the ways we could harness the power of the moon’s cycles in our everyday lives and decisions. 

You have created a whole collection around the moon for Slow North called Moonglow - tell us about it, what inspired it, what scents from nature did you bring together?

Just as the full moon or the new moon affects the tides, so does it affect our living bodies composed of mostly water. I found a reassuring connection to the natural lunar cycles - setting intentions, taking actions, manifesting and releasing. A beautiful reminder nothing is permanent, and we are ever-changing. Moonglow is my all-time favorite scent we’ve created so far. It’s a sultry combination of Patchouli, Cinnamon and Black. We wanted to offer an evening scent, something that lent itself to curling up in a chair and journaling with a cup of hot tea. The name offers a grounding reminder to step outside and soak up the moon’s light. Moon bathing is a good way to reconnect to the moon and get in touch with your lunar nature or feminine side. The Moonglow is also thought to help illuminate your intuition - which we are all about! 

You sell a New Moon Tarot Deck - what should people think about, or manifest, or say to themselves during a new moon?

From bigger picture desires like moving your career forward, creating a bigger, brighter energy about your life, or setting intentions for greater abundance, you can use this time to set your intentions, reset and regenerate. Small rituals such as trying a yoga class, meditating, or jotting down a list of what you want to attract for yourself can be a perfect place to start. You could also explore more elaborate ceremonies such as smudging your home or creating a crystal grid to amplify your intentions and affirmations.

What can you tell us about the first full moon of 2022 on January 17th?

This first full moon of the year is called a “Wolf Moon” - said to be named for the howl of the hungry wolves in the dead of winter. It's a time for shedding the old and bringing in the new. One ritual you could try to mark the occasion is writing a letter and burning it (safely, of course) - in the spirit of cleansing, releasing and removing what is no longer working for us - and charging your crystals in the moonlight.  

You sell a Moon Study Reflection Journal at Slow North. What are the benefits of using one?

The practice of moon mapping helps guide our decision making in accordance with the lunar cycle. The inner work of setting goals and intentions for what you want to attract during a cycle helps you reflect on your life and your dreams in a rhythmic, natural way that I think speaks to a lot of us as women. For example, approaching the new moon, you could light a candle, sit down with your journal, take 5-7 deep inhales and exhales and fill in the blank as you say these prompts to yourself, “In the next month, I’d like to bring more _____ into my life.”  “This month I need _____.”  And then continue journaling without judgement.

What ceremonies can Austinites do to connect with the moon?

One of my favorite things to do is to stargaze. I’ve attended “star parties” in West Texas and Arizona, and a quick online search can connect you to various nearby events celebrating the night sky. I have plans to attend a Full Moon Yoga & Sound Bath evening with Violet Crown Yoga, as soon as they host another one! Another gem just a short drive away from Austin is the Cave Without a Name in Boerne which hosts Cave Concerts underground in celebration of the Solstice and Equinox each season. It’s a beautiful way to embrace the transition and is an incredible sensory experience, as a portion of the concert is performed in complete darkness. 

Slow North, 2700 W Anderson Ln, Unit 410, Austin, TX 78757

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