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A group of people turning a passion into an experience.

Shift Culture was created to do exactly that - shift the culture.  Founder and owner of Shift Culture, David Lloyd created this company with an end goal of changing the mindset on how people see car events and communities. David has always been a big-time car enthusiast, traveling to other areas with his friends for different races, car shows, and events.   After years of doing this, he decided it was time to bring one to his own area.  With a business background of planning and running large events and tradeshows, he figured he could put his experience and talent to the test to create events for car fanatics and families like his.

                Two of the largest monthly events around our town are Street Dreams and Cars & Coffee. David wanted to ensure that there’s “something for everyone” when creating these events, so you’ll see how different the dynamic is between them.  Street Dreams of the Treasure Coast is an event that happens the second Thursday of every month from 6-9pm in downtown Fort Pierce.  The downtown area turns into a block party where the restaurants and breweries join in, a DJ gets people dancing in the streets, there’s lots of great vendors and, most importantly, CARS! They showcase the best in classics, tuners, muscle, and exotic cars.  It’s a great family nighttime event where you can get out and do something different. 

                Switching gears (see what I did there?) to Cars & Coffee, this is an event you can attend right in our local town here in Port St. Lucie.  Cars & Coffee was held for years in Palm Beach County until one day David was approached to bring it to Mets Stadium. Naturally, David responded with a quick “Heck yeah, I would love that opportunity!”  In February of 2023, David launched his first Cars & Coffee event at Clover Park. The first event had 200 cars and is continuing to grow.  This event is a great way to network and meet new people. It’s held the last Sunday of every month from 8am-12pm. The diversity of this event makes it suitable for all age groups, offering different vendors, food trucks, and of course FREE coffee!

                When I asked David to describe the experience of Treasure Coast Cars & Coffee for our readers, he said, “I believe in making sure that wherever we hold our events, it’s a safe environment and it’s for everyone. There is no nonsense, we have police there, and it’s so important to create an event that people can both enjoy and feel included.” They create a ‘Kids Zone’ with activities such as a video gaming trailer, laser tag, and bounce houses and feature raffles such as 50/50s to give back to local nonprofit organizations.  The entire event is run by volunteers, which is a great way to give back to the community. Our own PSL residents spend so much time putting these events together for others to be able to come out and enjoy and bring a new event to the community.

                Another fun fact for our fellow car enthusiasts is Shift Culture does not put guard rails around these cars to just be looked at.  Always wanted to see what it would be like to sit inside of the brand new Lamborghini? You can! David feels that cars like these “aren’t meant to be hidden in a garage, but to let people experience them.”  Not only can the car owners showcase their prized possessions, but others who have that passion for cars can truly experience the feeling and excitement of being in them and snapping some great photos!

                It’s a wonderful time to bring our community together through a unique and different experience, suitable for anyone and everyone.  Between the two different events, there’s a variety of days and times to try and accommodate all schedules. So, find a date that works for you, mark your calendars, gather your family and friends and come check them out! We can’t wait to see you there.

Don’t forget, new vendors are always welcome to help contribute to maximizing the events! Interested in being a vendor or learning more about the events? Check out their websites for more information. Navigate over to to learn about the Cars & Coffee events at Clover Park or check out to learn more about Street Dreams in downtown Fort Pierce.

"These aren't made to be hidden in a garage, but to let people experience them."

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