Caruso Painting Talks Color

Exploring your personal palette for interior and exterior painting

When you need painting services, Caruso Painting, LLC of West Springfield offers a personalized, professional painting experience. Husband and wife Chris and Jessica Caruso started the business in August 2021, offering interior and exterior painting services for both residential and commercial properties.

What sets Caruso Painting apart is their customer service. Chris says, “We offer free, in-person quotes, and determine the scope of work and anticipated timing of the project. We show examples of colors and spaces from our projects, helping clients choose colors if they need guidance. We also provide ideas on window treatments and textiles to make a space a real room, not an empty space with painted walls.”

Jessica adds, “Sometimes clients have decorative elements in a room that inspire them, but are unsure how to tie it all in. We help pull it all together with paint color selections.”

The couple's mid-century modern style home in West Springfield, painted and decorated in their distinctive and thoughtful style, was featured in the most recent West Springfield Boys and Girls Club Holiday Tour of Homes fundraiser. They enjoy interior design and decorating, and hope to expand the business with consultation in these areas. Chris explains, “We’re really good at understanding what clients are looking for, not just emphasizing our own personal style.”

Neutral paint colors are definitely having their moment. “It’s like picking that one, classic suit for your wardrobe,” Jessica explains­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­. “You have that foundation, and you can add or change color by switching up your accessories.” Neutral tones are a great way to allow you to add splashes of color to your furniture, curtains, throw pillows, rugs, wall art, and accessories.

If you later decide to purchase a new living room couch or rug in a more vivid color, you won’t have to worry about it clashing with your neutral walls. Plus, you can switch up the color scheme with a décor change, such as a new bedding set, and still have it all pull together perfectly with your neutral wall color.

Neutral tones include gray, beige, greige (a currently hot combination of gray and beige), white, cream, brown, and black. Despite what might sound like a limited palette, neutrals comprise a wide range of warm and cool tones, in an extensive variety of light and dark shades, with everything in between. Neutral paint colors also make good sense for resale value, letting prospective buyers imagine the space as their own with a “blank canvas” of walls in colors that aren’t overly unusual.

Choosing That Special Color for Kitchen, Bath, Bedroom, and Living Room

While neutrals are popular, adding bolder colors to certain rooms is a way to enjoy unique hues. “When we’re incorporating colors, greens and blues are always popular,” says Chris. Jessica notes, “We recently did a living room in a gray with purple undertones, which was very calming.”

Right now, greens ranging from soft sage to deep and forest-like are trendy in kitchens—Sherwin William's Courtyard is a rich, darker green perfect for kitchens. For bathrooms, calming shades of blue are always a tranquil and harmonious choice, such as Behr's Peaceful Blue.

Warm, red-hued tones—from soft blush to bold and deep—are enjoying popularity as a bedroom color. Benjamin Moore's pick for 2023 color of the year, Raspberry Blush, is a vibrant red-orange, but softer, earth-tone shades of pink and clay are also a great bedroom selection. Navy blues are a trend in living rooms, creating a backdrop for dramatic contrasts or soothing harmony, with Benjamin Moore's Hale Navy a very popular choice. 

Caruso Painting can be reached at 413.244.9003 or carusopainting@yahoo.com.

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