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8th & Roast Brews Up the Best Cafes

Ah, the month of March when the skies are often leaden and seem to aim their late winter drizzle directly down on you. It’s the perfect time to retreat inside a cozy cafe, a warm and friendly place to banish your blues and succor your spirits, any grayness of the day be danged.  And, for that, there is no better place to make the gray go away than 8th & Roast, a locally owned oasis of crafted coffee, artisan foods and fast and friendly service. As sure as sunshine melts fog, a step inside of either location -- the original on 8th Ave. S. or the sleek sequel on Charlotte -- revitalizes you at once with the ambient scent of sweet floral aromatics of coffee, Brazilian beans such as Sweet Blue, a Brazilian bean of delicate acidity blended with flavors of lightly roasted almond and pleasantly spiced chocolate. 

The Coffee

Please, by all means, take a seat and consider the extensive menu. 8th & Roast has an in-house, full-service craft coffee roaster loaded only with fresh, quality, fair-trade beans sourced at harvest directly from farms. The baristas have developed specialty and seasonal lattes. Take your spring fling along and together enjoy a floral and fragrant rose cardamom latte made with rose water and pods. Another seasonal treat is the rosemary latte. For a classic route, do not miss their house made mocha, rich and indulgent with bittersweet chocolate and perfectly steamed milk. If you wish, the baristas will top off your drink with latte art – a heart for your love.

The Food

But humans shall not live by coffee alone; 8th & Roast boasts a full breakfast, brunch and sandwich menu that will please any palate.  Take, for example, their renowned pastries. (And trust us, once you try them, you will!)  8th & Roast’s pastries -- an assortment of muffins, scones, croissants and other treats made in house from scratch -- are meant for sharing, big in both portions and flavors. The oat bars are stuffed with rotating flavors of fresh jam, and the chocolate hazelnut scones are drizzled with a house salty vanilla glaze. Perhaps the most popular menu item is the breakfast sandwich. These buttermilk biscuits are piled high with local eggs, buttermilk cheddar, and KLD Farms sausage or bacon. Don’t forget to grab a freshly baked cookie -- the double chocolate chip is highly recommended.

Et cetera

If you’re feeling celebratory, the cooler at 8th & Roast is stocked with craft beer, wine, and prosecco, which can be enjoyed with fresh orange juice to make a midday mimosa. The spacious cafes are filled with natural light, plants, and local art. Find a cozy corner or couch to relax on and, regardless of the weather outside, make any gray you got melt away.

Founded in 2009, 8th & Roast Coffee Co. is a full-service coffee shop and craft coffee roastery with two Nashville area locations, 2108 8th Ave S and 4104 Charlotte Ave, plus plans for two locations in the Nashville International Airport.

8th & Roast is committed to a culture of excellence in sourcing & stocking the freshest & most ethically traded coffee possible. Coffee may be purchased online and shipped nationwide, including monthly coffee subscriptions, as well as beans by the bag in shops.