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Dr. Erada Noor and Bowser

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Celebrate Little Wins Every Day

Rather than a resolution, hatch new habits incrementally

Getting up to face a new day after a sleepless night can leave you feeling exhausted. You might wonder or worry whether you will have enough physical and mental energy to make it through the day. But what if those sleepless nights become more frequent? Or even, routine?

Doctor Erada Noor, owner and dentist at Noor Family Dentistry, sees dental care as a focal point for your whole body’s health. Sometimes, people can easily forget how important the connection is between our teeth and our whole body. Dr. Noor sees that cause and effect relationship pretty directly. “A lot of times, when a patient has a lot of dental issues, they also have a lot of medical issues. They go hand in hand.” And, conversely, when a patient comes in with a clean medical history, their teeth tend to tell that story, too.

Dr. Noor can help a patient identify the specific intersections of dental health and other health needs, coordinating diagnosis and care with doctors in other fields. 

Sleep apnea is one disorder which can be impacted by dental health. Teeth clenching and grinding can point to poor jaw alignment, which can lead to breathing problems when you’re trying to sleep. In her care, Dr. Noor’s collaborative approach can often result in a patient landing on an effective treatment much sooner. 

Whether you consider a New Year’s resolution for your health or not, Dr. Noor suggests starting small with new changes and building on them over time. If you want to build a habit of brushing twice per day, start with once. Keep it consistent. Then, add another daily instance. Then, add flossing. Build good new habits incrementally.

If the average person experiences four “wins” per day. Dr. Noor suggests, “start off with one little goal every day.” Give yourself one win, and build off your success.

When a patient tells Dr. Noor that they feel better, that’s the most rewarding part of her work- when she can celebrate a patient’s “wins”, with them.

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  • Dr. Erada Noor and Bowser