Celebrating Women in Business

Kudos to these incredibly accomplished women in business, who have proven their grit and commitment to success during today’s unique challenges. Here, they share advice, success secrets and inspiration with the world—You Go Girl!


Brynne DesMarteau-Ray, CFO/Escrow Operations Manager

Affirmative Escrow

Residential and commercial real estate escrow services

Brynne loves the feeling of accomplishment that comes from handling a challenging escrow.

“I enjoy troubleshooting and resolving issues that arise and knowing that I can truly make a difference,” she says, noting that “Success comes from truly loving what you do for a living and caring about how you affect others with your actions. I keep that in mind in all that I do.” 

She advises women to “take pride in your work and expect the same from your team and always ask yourself, ‘Can I do better?’”

The secret to her success: “I always treat others the way I want to be treated and give the benefit of the doubt.”   

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Stephanie Kordan, Owner/Creative

The Beautiful Painting Co.

Decorative interior painting and Venetian plaster wall treatments

Stephanie loves creating beautiful living spaces with paint and plaster.

She advises women to “bring joy to your clients by listening to what they want and collaborate together on making it happen” and encourages women to know their value.

“Ask for your worth and avoid giving discounts on your services if it doesn’t sit well with your gut instinct,” she notes.

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Kim Maselli, Artistic Director

California Dance Theatre and Pacific Festival Ballet

Cultivating a love for the performing arts with the finest in dance education, performing opportunities and community outreach for 35 years in the Conejo Valley

Kim enjoys working with her colleagues to inspire and train students, “giving them a lifelong love and appreciation for dance, whether recreationally or in pursuit of a professional dance career” and “creating and presenting beautiful ballets at the Bank of America Performing Arts Center for our community to enjoy!”

She advises women to “Pursue your vision and follow your dreams. You can achieve whatever you set your mind and heart to. Believe in team effort and surround yourself with like-minded professionals” and “treat people with kindness and respect.”

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Candace Newland, Artist/Designer

C Newland Designs

Interior design services, including design consult, furniture and accessories, custom window coverings, installation and remodeling

Candice loves working with clients to create one-of-a-kind interior spaces that reflect their lifestyle with function and flair. Approaching each design project as a creative process, she takes pride in helping clients identify their unique needs and create their ultimate living spaces. Candice and her team provide personalized service aimed to transform your environment and achieve a perfect balance between inspiration and tranquility in your home.

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Kristina Jones, CEO/Lead Designer

Cat in a Hammock

Outdoor living design and build construction company

“Designing dreamy projects that enhance the lifestyle of each family” is Kristina’s passion.

“I love redefining the roles of women in society and what is considered a ‘woman’s’ or a ‘man’s’ job,” she says, noting, “Some would say that construction is a man’s world, and I say that it’s complete with a woman in it.”

She advises women to “be your feminine self even if your work environment is pulling for more masculine way of being. And be persistent; you might lose a battle, but you’ll win the war. Shake it off and keep going!”

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Rosemary Allison, Director of Estates

Coldwell Banker Realty #00545184

Redefining the art of marketing luxury estates

Combining her unique marketing techniques and negotiating skills, Rosemary is a leader in Prestige Estate sales throughout Ventura County.  

Noting that the “road to success is always under construction,” Rosemary advises, “the key to realizing a dream is to focus not on success but on the goals you have achieved each day.”

Providing “Quality customer service is the most important key to longevity in this business,” she notes, adding, “How does one rate their quality of service? By rating what you did, not by what you said you would do.”  

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Christine Wilson, Owner/Audiologist

Conejo Hearing Center

Providing hearing testing and solutions for children and adults with hearing difficulties

Christine loves “being in business for myself in order to make the decisions that are in the best interest of our patients. I am always learning about new technologies that I can bring to our patients,” and “I enjoy seeing the success patients achieve and their ability to continue doing the things they love by improving and restoring their hearing.”

She advises women to “Stay focused on what you love to do and know there will be ups and downs. Focus on your successes, not the failures, and keep moving forward. Be open to new ideas, keep learning and be willing to adapt to change.”

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Stacey Dorenfeld

Dorenfeld Law

Serving a wide-ranging clientele in the areas of business law, real estate and insurance law for more than 20 years

Stacey enjoys working with the firm’s business, real estate and insurance litigation attorneys to help clients.

“I love it when we have a successful outcome for a client. Knowing that we were able to solve a client’s legal problem definitely is the highlight of my job!” she says.

She advises women to “be courageous enough to know who you are from within; know your strengths and your talents and visualize what you want and then be brave enough to take risks to get there. A successful businesswoman knows she can be so impactful that she can change the world. Confidence sometimes is difficult to find, but once you grab a piece of it, you will learn and grow into anything you want.”

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Nancy Marks, Owner

Glass Arts Collective

Wonderful studio teaching classes in glass—fused, stained and mosaic—and a gift shop of beautiful handmade gifts

“This truly is my dream job! I love sharing it with everyone,” says Nancy, noting her joy at “seeing people experience glass as an art for the first time.”

She invites others to try a class: “Time spent creating in the studio is therapeutic, and you get to take home your masterpiece” and visit the sparkling gift shop: “It’s full of colorful inspiration and positive energy.”

She advises women to find others for “your 'Board of Directors' Everyone has a different perspective, and I had to get my ego out of the way and really hear their input. It was invaluable!”

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Melissa King, Certified Health Coach and Personal Trainer

Honeybee Wellness

Focused on creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle that helps minimize anxiety and depression 

Melissa guides women through the process of creating personalized sustainable healthy lifestyle habits to minimize their anxiety and depression so they can be lean, strong and energetic. She most enjoys being alongside her clients “on their health journey and watching them transform into a healthier version of themselves physically and mentally.”

She advises women to “Be your authentic self and be direct in asking for what you want.”

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Kim Pagano, Business and Media Coach/Radio Host

The Kim Pagano Radio Show

Bringing listeners “The Brighter Side of Life” for more than 16 years

I have been interviewing and learning about what makes people feel their best in Business and in life and how they succeed.. Sixteen years ago I was fortunate enough to be asked to be a host on the Kim Pagano Radio show, where I  have a voice to help the community and have the opportunity to dig deeper with guests from all over the world and share their life lesson throughout my radio shows and podcasts and in my business coaching.

Kim loves “meeting new people and all of the events,” as well as “coaching  my clients through my Finding Your Voice through my Signature Coaching Series.”

She advises women to “have a voice. If you don't speak up, life will happen for you, and it might not be the way you want it.” Also, “love yourself first and believe in your visions. You will get knocked down; learn to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and carry on with your vision.”

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Leah Arredondo, Owner

L.A. Hair Design

Certified REDKEN Colorist and Master Cutter in a beautiful private suite in Westlake Village

“Kindness, consistency, great work and truly listening to my clients in every way has been my key to success,” says Leah, currently offering 50% OFF an entire hair service to first-time clients. 

She advises women to “Be consistent, delivering your absolute best results with a positive attitude at all times!” 



Laura Raulinaitis, CFP®, Senior Vice President

Lake Avenue Group Morgan Stanley

Total wealth management and financial planning for individuals, families and small business owners

Laura loves “being a trusted part of family discussions” and “building and maintaining those lifelong relationships,” noting that that the secret to her success lies in the fact that “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

She advises women, “The reason that Ginger Rogers was a better dancer than Fred Astaire is because she did everything he did, but backwards and in heels!” 

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Terri Hilliard Olson, Esq., Principal

Law Office of Terri Hilliard

A comprehensive trust and estate practice, centering on advanced estate and business succession planning, asset protection, special needs trusts and family protection for seniors

Terri enjoys “being a trusted advisor, building long-lasting, multi-generational professional relationships” as she and her team advocate for the elderly and those suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia. 

She advises women to “stay the course and aim for the stars—you can do this and be of service.”

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Brittney Henderson, MA, LMFT (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist), Founder of Luminous Clarity Family Therapy, Inc. 

Luminous Clarity

Working with individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, addiction, complex trauma, PTSD, grief/loss and chronic mental illness

Brittney provides affordable individual, family, couples and group psychotherapy. She enjoys “being able to provide a safe, nonjudgmental therapeutic environment to support growth and healing” and “being a part of my clients’ journey and seeing their hope, healing and light in their eyes.” 

She advises women to “Pursue something you love. If you are passionate about what you do, if you love and enjoy your work, then it isn’t work at all.”

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Melanie Garibay, CEO & Cofounder

Nectar of the Dogs Wine

Inspired by the LOVE of our four-legged angels and our passion for wine, a portion of sales benefit nonprofit pet rescue organizations

Melanie finds supporting pet rescue organizations to be the most rewarding part—along with researching wines—of her business. Inspired by the love of her dogs and a passion for wine, Melanie started her wine company “because doing something for a cause is very fulfilling.”

She advises women to “stay focused on your dreams, work hard to achieve them, but don’t forget to enjoy the journey along the way. Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life!” 

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Eileen Smulson, Founder and Executive Director

Operations Blankets of Love

An animal welfare and emergency relief nonprofit organization in California and beyond; donates food and other vital supplies to shelters, rescue groups and pets of the homeless

Eileen loves “knowing that we are making a difference in a life of a homeless animal to be healthier and happier, which makes them more adoptable.”

She encourages women to “Go for it! If you have a deep passion for something that you would like to turn into a business—you’ll never know what could happen if you don’t try.”

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Cerisa Moncayo, DDS, Owner, Dentist

The Palisades Dentists

Concierge, biomimetic and cosmetic dentistry for all ages

Cerisa enjoys “connecting with our patients and being able to serve them at the highest level.” 

She advises women that “Adhering to your personal mission and being at the service of others is where you find fulfillment and joy.”

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Jill Stowell, MS, Founder, Executive Director

Stowell Learning Center

Helping children and adults permanently change dyslexia and other learning and attention challenges by addressing the underlying, lagging processing/learning skills at the root of the problem so that students can reach their potential and thrive in school

Jill loves that “every single day for the last 35 years, we have gotten to bring hope and real change to the lives of bright, misunderstood, struggling students and their families. Working with our amazing team, students, and parents is a journey of discovery, growth, and joy!”

She advises women to “build a culture within your team that makes your business a great place for humans to be—to thrive, grow, and to change the world!”

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Lyndsay Roark

Ventura Home and Design

A full-service interior design firm

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Lori Donnelly, C.HT, Owner

Wolf Creek Wellness Hypnotherapy

Helping clients achieve their goals through techniques and practices such as Hypnotherapy, Reiki, PLR (past Life Regression) NLP, MER, IMET, Yoga and massage

“The most rewarding part of doing what I do is teach clients how to remove limiting beliefs—not just about themselves but about others and the world we live in,” says Lori, who is passionate about using “hypnotherapy combined with other tools to help clients reach goals and blow the lid off old belief systems.”

Lori says believing in your vision is key to success.

“For women this is especially important, as we have so many divergent views as to what it means to be a successful woman in the modern world,” says Lori, adding, “It’s a process of imagination. Think about something you want—anything. See it, obsess over it, love the idea of having it! Imagine it in your world and how it makes you feel having ‘this.’ This process makes you feel ‘AS IF’ you already have it…Your mind has it locked in as GPS for your future. Your body can’t help but move toward it. Once you get into practice with this process, it becomes automatic and habitual, as many successful people will attest to.”

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Lisa Zonder, Attorney/Owner

Zonder Family Law Group

Expert legal team members provide thought leadership for clients who worked hard to build wealth by protecting privacy, preserving wealth, deploying top negotiation strategies and creativity without expensive court battles

“Meeting the client where they are,” is important to Lisa, who provides support to help clients  “achieve clarity, resolution and security as they move on to the next chapter of their lives.”

She advises women to discover their unique gifts.

“Don’t try to become someone you do not want to be just to compete in a traditionally masculine world,” Lisa says, instead, “Hard work, constant learning, creative thinking and a commitment to your clientele will take you much farther than cutthroat competition (and make you happier too!).

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