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Cannolis are a customer favorite

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Cerrato's Pastry Shop: A Family Legacy Lives On

Westside's Longtime Pastry Shop is 34 Years Strong

From cannoli and cakes to macaroons and tarts, Cerrato’s Pastry Shop has been serving authentic European-style desserts to the West Springfield community since 1988. Located at 255 Elm Street, they have been dedicated to providing their loyal customers with quality service and delicious sweets made with care for decades.

Tony Cerrato opened the doors of his bakery with the passion of a pastry chef and the drive of a business owner. He moved from Italy to the States when he was 20 years old, already having ten years of baking experience that translated into pure talent in the kitchen.

“He had a dream to have his own business, and it was very successful right from the beginning,” said Cerrato’s wife, Rosa.

Rosa has taken over the business since her husband’s passing in January 2020. Their daughter, Bella, has been committed to the family business as well, becoming the lead pastry chef and continuing the legacy of her father with grace and perseverance. Bella grew up in the kitchen, watching and working alongside her father as he mastered products and recipes for the 32 years he operated the business. Now, it’s her turn to continue his establishment and make it her own while staying true to its roots.

Cerrato’s Pastry Shop has maintained their staple recipes while also expanding their menu as they see fit. “We’ve added new pastries through the years as things have become trends,” reflected Rosa, particularly mentioning their French macarons and hot chocolate bombs.

Cerrato’s also prepares seasonal desserts and chocolates to correlate with the different times of the year. Around Easter this year, Bella made special chocolate eggs, which are called l'uovo di Pasqua in Italy. They had small gifts inside of them to be true to the Italian tradition.

Something that makes Cerrato’s extremely successful is not only their authenticity and dedication to put out the best product, but also the support of their loyal customers over the years.

“Customers are the main reason that keep us going, with also of course [Tony’s] legacy that keeps us going,” says Rosa. “I love people, so I love customers and I love that they appreciate us, and we appreciate them.”

In addition, the employees of Cerrato’s are what make the business thrive each day. The pastry shop employs a handful of full-time employees, some of whom have been working there for over a decade. Their customers and employees have acted as pillars to keep the business going and growing over the years.

Rosa and Bella Cerrato are proud to continue sharing their family business with West Springfield and the surrounding communities and will do so for many years to come. “Like any business owner you want to see the business successful. Not just to make money, but also to share something from your family.”

Stop by Cerrato’s for a sweet taste of Italy and to support a family business with proven success and dedication to their patrons. The shop offers a wide range of desserts to satisfy each and every palette. They make unique, custom wedding and party cakes to order as well as a variety of flavors of cannoli, eclairs, cupcakes, bonbons, and so much more. A full list of their products can be viewed on their website:

  • Specialized pastry creations tantalize the palate.
  • Cakes are crafted with elegance and originality.
  • So many choices! There is something for everyone at Cerrato's.
  • Cannolis are a customer favorite
  • Bella Cerrato is carrying on her father's vision and success.
  • Cerrato's offers specialty coffees in addition to delectable pastries.
  • Tony Cerrato established the business in 1988.