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Chapter 7: Mr. Malibu Surfs the Secret Tsunami

Though Mr. Malibu events and interviews were flowing along swimmingly, I suddenly found myself surfing the secret tsunami of shifted perceptions in the value of “celebrity” social currency. It was becoming less effective in attracting real currency. Through the psychological “electron microscope” of social media, a seismic shift was flooding the celebrity-driven playing field with shrinking relevance and scattered audiences.

This lessening of significance seemed to be erupting out of the velocity and volume of global content exchange, particularly through social media. Continuous acceleration of diverse “micro-burst” content on social media “walls,” combined with our everyday distractions, were the classic formula for an increase in change blindness, unbeknownst to most. Suddenly entire industries like music, book publishing, advertising, TV and people going to movie theaters were taking quite a hit.

What has been arising from huge global content exchange is that no matter the language or country, more and more people were thinking the same things. I refer to this as “same-ology” or “global group conscience.” 

As life would have it, I was led into a dynamic employment opportunity at StarSite Inc., created by a Malibu resident who owns the patent to iTunes. My Mr. Malibu experience, 30-year exposure to advanced psychology paradigms, and my God-given outside-the-box, creative thinking was put to the test at StarSite. The company was created to monetize social media for superstars. But when we “looked under the hood” of superstar-fan interactions, something was amiss. For example, a rock star with 50 million Facebook fans would post something and receive 12,000 likes. This revealed how real those fans are and whether they were really “following.”

The observation focal point at StarSite was a fantastic view into the multi-industry challenge taking place. The head of Goldman Sachs, the CEO of the largest advertising corporation in the world, major talent agencies, Universal Music and even the rock group Linkin Park, among many other significant people and companies, all came to StarSite anxiously looking for ways to generate a profit in light of what was happening. I was fortunate to generate a meeting with Universal Studios’ President Ron Meyer and the owner of StarSite and another meeting at Larry Ellison’s Carbon Beach home. We generated 16 million views advertising a Universal movie, but we could not obtain stats as to how that increased box office sales. We explored making “micro movies” with Mr. Ellison’s media company, which itself was shuttered. That did not stop me from engaging with numerous superstars, such as Roger Federer, Matt Damon, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Shakira, Cristiano Ronaldo, Selena Gomez and many others, to utilize our platform. That shined valuable light on the fact that none of them were content creators specifically for and monetizable via social media. This is all in light of Facebook not paying a cent for all their millions of fans’ traffic.

I learned one bright side of social media is that it reveals the perception of “celebrity” is shifting from one that stars in a movie to how positive an impact one’s words and actions are. Celebrities that engaged in philanthropic efforts (with Oprah and Elton John at the top of the list) were gaining much more ground than those who did not. This was actually my main impulse for creating Mr. Malibu in the first place—to bring forth a persona engaging in this type of activity, especially celebrating the “Divine Malibu” imagery through photography and consciousness-lifting events and expressions. 

At StarSite, I was asked to research the psychology of social currency in a social media environment. I was then asked to incorporate it into a Mr. Malibu book, Mr. Malibu Reveals All on 40 Superstars.I was urged to utilize “wild and crazy” attention-grabbing articulation while simultaneously revealing a new and more truthful view into their narratives, very different from Wikipedia. The back cover of my book reads: “This book seeks to cause catastrophic wreckage to your perceptual restrictions.” Almost every day for a year while writing this book I broke into hysterical tears of laughter about what I wrote. Ron Meyer phoned me on a Sunday morning and told me he read the book and loved it.

In another fun project at StarSite, I was able to generate a Super Bowl commercial after winning the participation of Neymar Jr., the third top soccer player in the world to try to break the world field goal record kicking a U.S. football right before the Super Bowl. We reached over 30 million people worldwide and it led to a Super Bowl commercial the following year with Neymar Jr. kicking the football.

My ah-ha moment at StarSite came when I saw the thing that causes social media to fail is the same thing that drives obsessive-compulsive behaviors: the lack of engagement. My background in group-sharing dynamics led to the creation of HeartAscent, a quantum leap in group sharing and PsyberCeuticals and an advanced engagement system that will utilize unprecedented personality insights to generate valuable internal transformation.   

The most important thing I learned at StarSite was how obtaining the right statistics and utilizing predictive analytics would save lives. One example is how AA (although it does save some lives) is in dire need of statistics identifying why so many don’t stay or “recover.” Other critical statistics are needed to see the ongoing impact of so many being exposed to “zero caloried” content both in “mainstream media” and social media. Viewers are not able to see how all this leads to lack of engagement and the challenges caused by that. With certain types of stats, we could bring better quality engagement for transformation. If people could identify what type of focus and participation would increase their sense of purpose and understand how having a sense of purpose is the most important thing a person can have if they want to heal from any sickness, we can join together to grow, evolve and thrive more with HeartAscent and PsyberCeuticals.

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