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Chapter 8: Mr. Malibu Surfs the HeartAscent Wave

It is a beautiful life-changing and heartfully received gift to have this opportunity to share my journey with you in these Mr. Malibu chapters. I love recognizing the perfect synchronicity between what I’m feeling on the inside and what I’m witnessing on the outside, especially on the beach in Malibu. Here, I share three such divinely orchestrated experiences.

Gratitude Fest

One clear, hot July day as I was sauntering along Zuma Beach, without warning, an internal “gratitude festival” burst within me. I began to thank God out loud.

“God, thank you for letting me wake up today in the most beautiful place on Earth. Thank you for all the beautiful people in my life and everyone here in Malibu. Thank you for this beautiful home, and thank you for giving me a healthy body to witness all this beauty. Thank you...” 

Suddenly, while experiencing this gift of gratitude, seven dolphins came swirling in toward a clear, green wave right in front of me. It was as if they were saying, “Yes! We feel the same way!” Their electric presence and playfulness out-pictured the grand celebration I was feeling. I turned on my camera and zoomed in just in time to capture two dolphins surfing into the wave. The majesty and graceful power of their gliding through the water captivated my heart with an empowering exhilaration.

Dolphin Dance

Recently, while at home practicing meditation, I began to feel restless. The urge to just jump up and go out to the beach arose and I followed it. I noticed a thought questioning whether or not I should follow this urge, and, simultaneously the thought was overpowered by the infinite beauty of Mother Nature calling to me. As soon as I got to the beach, a whole bunch of dolphins began leaping out of the water in full aerials! Their underbellies caught the light and reflected the green iridescent ocean. This vision gave new meaning to the cliché, “a sight to behold.” 

Pelican Love

A few days before Valentine’s Day, I was feeling the urge to connect deeply with nature and decided to go for a beach walk. A few minutes later in perfect timing, I just happened to snap a photo of pelicans seeming to make a heart-shaped formation for Valentine’s Day!

Inspired Endeavors

These experiences, along with thousands of Satsung and AA meetings, have led me to take a new approach to sharing my appreciation and insights. This new collaboration in my journey is called HeartAscent and PsyberCeuticals (HA and PsyC). My first endeavor in bringing HeartAscent/PsyberCeuticals to the world was writing the book, HeartAscent, available on Amazon. The website, videos and online meetings followed.

What is HeartAscent? HA is a group sharing for anyone who wants a safe place to express their inspiration and resolve their challenges. HA provides the opportunity to come together in an open, safe and caring environment where people can be however they are. HeartAscent offers a space for like-minded people with the conscious intention to expand awareness of our thought and emotional lives and examine how those things are connected to what’s happening externally in our everyday lives.

I have found that in these group meetings other people’s experience can speak directly to what’s happening in my life, mirroring and shining the light of Awareness on new ways of seeing and thinking. This flow of Awareness offers the possibility of experiencing the Truth of what we really are (I hesitate to use this word given the many connotations around it), which is Pure Love, or, in perhaps more acceptable terms, Pure Consciousness.

My experience is that each one of us is an expression of Infinite Love. When we’re in a group whose intention is to be sincere and honest, we are more likely to feel safe enough to share what we’re really feeling and thinking, what’s inspiring us and what’s bothering us.

It seems to me that all of us want to resolve these challenges, whether minute or magnanimous. A HeartAscent group is an invitation to resolution, where everybody is interested in everyone’s healing, everyone’s transformation and everyone’s empowerment.

As an all-inclusive fellowship, HeartAscent embraces all religious, philosophical and political associations of those who desire to embody conscious awareness. We consciously refrain from using labels such as “obsessive thinking” or any of the institutionally-branded behaviors related to emotional/physical pain, anxiety and depression.

HeartAscent welcomes our emotional and perceptual patterns without any judgment of them. With this freedom, we experience a more balanced approach toward ourselves and others. With new information, insights and understanding, we are inspired by even the “hard things.”

Creating PsyberCeuticals

A StarBrain expert system (described in “Mr. Malibu Chapter 4”), PsyC compiles unique personality information in a database and cross references other proprietary databases to produce a digital interactive replica of our psyche. Leading psychologists and computer scientists have expressed that PsyC can be used as an expansion to their Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Trauma Therapy services.

Just as every great inventor sees things from a new, unbiased perspective, I too, through PsyC, will provide original views into one’s emotional and mental patterns (I say “will provide” because PsyC is not yet operational as we currently raise funds for its development).

Similar to the way people enjoy learning how their astrological chart depicts them and to methods used by dating services to match couples, PsyC will provide a quantum leap of information about a person’s supportive qualities. It will gently introduce the inner matrix of personality dynamics, offering resolution scenarios to the unconscious patterns associated with disharmony and discontent.

We’re not just “rocketing into the fourth dimension,” as described by Bill Wilson. We’re popping like popcorn to realize we are infinite in our true nature and there is no finality to this journey of expansion.

While continuing to offer the beauty and wonder of life through my photography (, I am happy to also share HeartAscent. Explore the website and all that it offers at

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