Chef Laura Todd's Cheddar & Ale Fondue

Romantic dinner you can prepare at home with your special Valentine!

"Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all." -Julia Child

Cooking and relationships seem like two unrelated ideas, the truth is they go hand and hand. Cooking is an activity that allows people connect, be creative, and strengthen their relationships. Follow Chef Laura Todd's Fondu recipe and impress your Valentine with a fun way to celebrate the holiday!

Cheddar & Ale Fondue 


 -- 1lb  Shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese 

 -- 1 Tbsp  All Purpose Flour 

 -- 3/4  Cups of Guinness -- or -- Favorite Dark Beer 

 -- 1  Tsp of Garlic Powder 

 -- 1  Tsp of Salt Free Seasoning  (Ms.Dash) 

 -- 3  Tsp of Worcestershire Sauce 

 -- 2  Tsp of Dijon Mustard 

 -- Salt & Pepper to Taste 

 For Dipping; 

10 in Skewers 

Fresh Cubed Bread

Pretzel Sticks 


Fresh Vegetables

Roasted Potatoes 


#1  Mix Flour & Cheddar Cheese together in a bowl. Keep separate. 

#2  In fondue pot bring beer to light boil. Reduce heat to low.  

#3  Add Worcestershire Sauce, Mustard & Garlic Powder to Fondue Pot of beer and stir. 

#4  Gradually stir in cheese mixture. Keep stirring until all the cheese is melted. Remove from heat. Enjoy! 

*** May garnish with fresh chives or herbs if desired *** 

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