Chemistry in the Color

Isle of You Hair Color Studio Has Creating and Correcting Hair Color Treatments Down to a Science

For more than 40 years, Shari Geldrich has been specializing in hair color treatments both in corporate and salon settings.

“I started in my career as a corporate trainer and a national level education manager for a couple of different companies specializing in hair color treatment,” Shari says. “I’ve always enjoyed the chemistry and science that goes into the process, so I've loved teaching it for many years.”

Missing working in a salon environment and utilizing the skills she taught, in 2011, Shari firmly planted her roots in upper Lawrenceville and opened Isle of You Hair Color Studio.

Like the play-on-words the salon takes its name from, Shari and her husband, Josh, who works on the marketing and business side of the salon, truly love what they do, and it shows in their work and the clientele they have amassed locally and nationally.

“We were fortunate enough to acquire a great reputation for advanced hair color work early on because of Shari’s specialty in color correction that other salons wouldn’t touch,” Josh says.

Because of Shari’s advanced technical background in color treatment, people have come from all over to seek help for severe hair damage.

“Those are the types of things we get a lot of calls to help fix,” Shari says. “I help people who were turned down at other salons and have successfully corrected their hair color.”

Aside from the severe cases, Shari is also known for being able to change someone’s hair color in the blink of an eye, no matter what they’re looking to do.

“A typical example would be someone who has colored their hair at home, say completely dark, and then they come into the salon and want it changed to platinum blonde,” Shari says. "Or I’ll have a client who comes in one week and requests to dye their hair pink or purple, and then the next week, they need it changed back quickly to their natural hair color because of a job interview or their partner dislikes it.”

On top of their specialization in hair color treatment, Isle of You’s services also include haircuts and styling, conditioning, texture, special occasions, waxing treatments and as of this year, non-surgical hair replacement options for both men and women.

“We just started working with non-surgical hair replacement solutions for all types of hair loss,” Josh says. “The methods are far more advanced, technical and can be matched to your specific hair color.”

Ultimately, Shari and Josh’s love of their business, clientele and passion for making people feel good about their hair is why their salon has been such a success.

“Making sure our clients walk out the door with a smile on their face is always our end goal, motivation and why we love what we do,” Josh says.

Isle of You Hair Color Studio

5165 Butler St., Lawrenceville

412.781.1024, IsleOfYouSalon.com

'Tis the Season for Hair Tips & Tricks

1. To Wash or Not to Wash

During the winter season, less is definitely more when it comes to washing your luscious locks. Studies have shown that shampooing your hair less has great benefits. Washing excessively can steal necessary oils and natural protectants from the hair. It can also dry out the hair inordinately, so skip every now and then for a healthier head of hair. 

2. Conditioning Isn’t Just for Your Abs

Cooler weather and dryer indoor and outdoor climates can have a negative effect on hair. Drying it out makes it more susceptible to split ends. Try using a deep conditioner to really moisturize your hair and offer it the nutrients it needs to fight off our harsh winters.

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