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Claim Your Well-Being This Fall

As a naturopathic physician at SantéMD, I often tout the benefits of Functional Medicine. I believe firmly that it is the future of healthcare. 

Functional Medicine addresses the underlying causes of a patient’s condition by using a systems-oriented approach that engages both the patient and the practitioner in a therapeutic partnership. Rather than focusing solely on a diagnosis, Functional Medicine seeks to treat the entire body.

Functional Medicine can significantly help anyone experiencing health conditions such as asthma, anxiety, fibromyalgia, ADHA, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, eczema, IBS, food allergies, hormone imbalance, migraines, thyroid issues, cancer and many other concerns that affect one’s daily life. It can also be especially beneficial this time of year as flu season approaches, along with the stomach flu and seasonal allergies. 

The reason Functional Medicine works so well is because it addresses the root of these issues, rather than focusing on symptom management. After seeing patients go through the conventional medical pinball system, it’s often remarkable how many providers do not connect the dots. Drugs are great for acute care but, more often than not, are often not the answer for everything. Instead, Functional Medicine offers a different approach — one with lifestyle, nutrition, and stress interventions, as well as advanced lab testing.

At SantéMD, we spend a lot of time listening to the concerns of our patients, looking at interactions between them and their environment, and identifying genetic and lifestyle factors that influence their overall health. We’re unique in that we don’t just offer a pill to an ill, but rather a comprehensive, individualized approach to health and wellness.

As fall approaches, here are several services that readers may find especially helpful in maintaining their overall health. 

Advanced Lab Testing

At SantéMD, we utilize cutting-edge labs such as nutritional testing, food sensitivity testing and microbiome testing to achieve more targeted results than conventional approaches. These tests offer a valuable snapshot of the body’s biochemistry. Through Functional Medicine, we can use the results of these labs to customize and tailor specific strategies to each patient’s particular needs. These results can also be beneficial in building a preventative plan for fall illnesses.

Vitamin Hydration Therapy

Vitamin hydration therapy can help improve and support overall wellness while also treating a range of health conditions. Everything from flu recovery to headaches to chronic depression to athletic performance can be improved with vitamin hydration therapy. Patients can also select add-on boosts of vitamins and antioxidants, and even aromatherapy oxygen. 

Nutritional Counseling 

Nutrition is one of the most important aspects of our health, and even our immune system. Patients will complete a thorough initial consultation then receive nutritional counseling and meal plans for a sustainable program that is easy to continue.


Supplements can provide an excellent boost for your immune system. However, not all supplements are created equally, nor are they regulated. In over-the-counter supplements, for example, the form of the nutrient may not be absorbed very well by the body. Look for pharmaceutical-grade supplements that are additive-, dye-, filler-, gluten- and dairy-free, as well as certified GMP (good manufacturing process) and NSF (certified for sports) products. SantéMD also has gluten- and dairy-free meal replacement shakes, as well as options for hormone or GI support.

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