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Clients Come First

These Salon Stylists Strive To Create Exact Looks Wanted Every Time

Pixie Salon’s client-first focus is seen in everything they do. Educated at Vidal Sassoon in Los Angeles and mentored by Sally Rodgerson of SR Education, owner Shannon McIntyre envisioned the salon as a welcoming, yet serene, spot for haircuts, color, and styling for men, women and children of all ages. Modeled after Vidal Sassoon’s style ideology, the salon also offers waxing and facials.

Shannon remembers styling her Barbie dolls’ hair as a child, wanting to be a hairstylist. Having disliked her own hair, she recalls how amazing she felt after seeing it transformed at the salon.

These days, the Pennington-based hairstylist and salon owner loves making her clients feel stylish, learning new techniques, and keeping up with the trends. “I focus on doing all different types of hair and determining how I can make the clients feel their best,” she explains. She personalizes her services, asking clients what they like and dislike about their hair before developing a plan.

A proponent of continuing education, Shannon interestingly holds a degree in special education. Although she longed to be a hairstylist, her parents had other ideas:  At their urging, she went to college and earned a bachelor’s degree. After two years, however, she left teaching and headed to Los Angeles to study at Vidal Sassoon and follow her passion.

The experience opened her eyes to industry opportunities she’d never considered – from styling celebrities’ hair on set to preparing models for photo shoots. After graduating and becoming licensed, the fledgling stylist headed back east, landing opportunities with Ralph Lauren and New York Fashion Week.

"When back surgery stalled my career, I realized, perhaps, that fashion and entertainment were not my destiny, after all," Shannon says. Yet, she remained inspired from her experiences and decided to put to use all she'd learned to benefit her clients.

Working at several salons while being mentored by her former cosmetology instructor-turned-entrepreneur, Shannon says she felt unfulfilled and inspired to break out on her own with her own salon. Possessing the confidence she needed to turn her dream into reality, she opened Pixie Salon during July 2015 at 23 West Delaware Ave., based on her vision of a welcoming, client-focused salon for haircuts, styling and color for all ages. Her clients, she adds, range in age from 2 to 92 years.

Pixie’s March 2022 move to 21 West Delaware Ave., just a couple doors down from its previous location, makes Shannon’s vision fully realized. “It feels like a community now,” she says of the new open space and caring people she works with daily whose goal is to make others look and feel their best.

Modeled after Vidal Sassoon’s style ideology of "structured haircuts and clean lines," Pixie Salon offers a supportive environment for stylists to develop their craft, one that requires six months to a year of training. While no longer a classroom teacher, Shannon credits her teaching background for her mentoring skills, saying, “I definitely don’t regret it.”

For this business owner, life has come full circle. She says she loves making her clients happy and watching her stylists perfect their craft, while involving herself in multiple aspects of the industry. “Working behind the chair was never going to be enough for me,” she explains.

She’s excited for what's new:  The salon began offering waxing in March and facials in August. And, to stay true to her vision for a serene setting, the salon will be open two Mondays each month to prevent overcrowding.

Each day, Shannon hopes clients walk out the door feeling fabulous — just as she had all those years ago. “If someone doesn’t feel amazing after I work with them,” she says, “I feel like I haven’t done my job.”


  • Shannon McIntyre, owner of Pixie Salon, says their new location in Pennington truly feels like a complete, open community.
  • "Great hair doesn’t happen by chance, It happens by appointment."