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Clinical Hypnosis: Putting You in Control

Adopting a healthier, more balanced lifestyle

Many of us are searching for techniques to assist with living a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. Clinical hypnosis may be the answer. It opens the mind-body connection, bringing one into a state of relaxation, becoming more receptive to positive influences and constructive habit building. This optimized mind-body connection facilitates all types of healing, including internal emotional strains that impede weight loss.

Cristina Di Nardo-Dupre, MSW, LICSW, is an experienced clinical hypnotist. Using her knowledge of the human mind and the process of hypnosis, Cristina has the ability to help guide people (and their minds) into making healthier lifestyle choices. Hypnosis can be used to aid weight loss, smoking cessation, and even anxiety management, and can be completed by only a doctor or licensed clinician who has had years of training.

When the body connects to the mind, the mind is able to retain the positive information, and from there the mind releases the positive habits to the physical body. Cristina shares, “When I first started working, I was very stressed, and I wanted to help people so much. I needed to learn how to relax, and that’s when I learned hypnosis. It's been over 20 years ago, and it's been amazing for me.”

Cristina’s clients learn all the ins and outs of a simple, straightforward, and most of all completely manageable meal plan. The magic, however, isn’t just in the food eaten or the exercises performed, but the habits participants change. Gone are the days of licking your plate clean or eating your child’s left over tidbits. In a relaxed hypnotic state, the mind retains positive information and skills, and throughout the day, the mind feeds the body with the positive habits built.

Cristina sets participants up for success on day one. Treatment sessions are individualized for each client, and by two weeks, clothes are fitting better. With her book (The Best You from Inside Out) to reference and a recording of a personalized visit to listen to daily, by the last session, clients are able to politely refuse the foods that would ordinarily sabotage their progress. Cravings are eliminated, and previous negative mannerisms are replaced with positive healthier habits.

The program utilizes healthier eating habits, clinical hypnosis, cognitive behavioral therapies, and the exclusive Six Incentives for a well-rounded, no-fail program focusing on a mind-body connection to facilitate self-care. Long term weight loss is achievable when the mind and body work as one, and you have the support and guidance of Cristina Di Nardo Dupre.

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