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A Message from Colorado Mountain College's Mascot, Swoop

College is for Me!

Since I was an eaglet, I knew that college is for me. I studied, trained hard, played with my friends, ate a protein-rich diet, and went to school. So when I heard Colorado Mountain College was looking for a mascot, I was ready.

Since 2018, CMC President Dr. Carrie Hauser and I have been sharing with fifth-graders across CMC’s footprint that same message: dream big, work hard, have fun. And anyone can go to college.

I love visiting elementary and middle schools. The kids are excited to see me. After all, I’m a celebrity! I’ve even been on Denver’s 9News. And each fifth-grader gets to take home a little stuffed version of me.

But their faces really light up when President Hauser asks what they want to be when they grow up. "Teacher! Doctor! Photographer! Professional ski racer!" they tell her. She tells them CMC students have gone on to do all these things, and much more. More than ever, you need a college degree to make those dreams come true.

And most importantly, you need to stay in school. Finish high school. In fact, you can even take free CMC classes while you’re in high school! Wow!

President Hauser knows that nearly every job in Colorado requires some kind of education or training after high school. CMC helps people be ready for all of those good jobs.

When we were at Basalt Middle School this spring, some kids said they love to play video games. She responded, "Do you know you can go to college to learn how to design video games?"

“WE CAN DO THAT?” a whole bunch of kids shouted. Yes you can, kids.

Being a college mascot is fun! Better than that, college is fun. Go Eagles!