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Article by Julie Bonner

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We have lived in such a gray monopolized world for the past few years I think people are craving "color" in their lives. Color is very emotional-based. It can affect us on many levels, some of which are just in the subconscious. Color can remind us of a memory or past experience; it can also compel a new adventure. It can set the mood in a space or give us the confidence we need to take on a new task. t is not only symbolic but also effectual. Let's take a look at the past few years of color evolution.

Recently I was asked what the current trends in color are and how it relates to the world today. My answer is: with life as we know it so changed, I find people are seeking peace and a sense of grounding. That being said, how does that relate to color?

Color can create an environment and set the mood in a space. Think about what you would like to be surrounded by.

Seeking Calm, Quiet Serenity?

Choose warm white tones with soft neutrals. They are pure, simple and dependable. You don't want your eye to become overstimulated with bold, bright color. This simple palette offers visual ease and your mind can be at rest.

Seeking Optimistic Energy?

Go for orange and yellow. These two colors are known for their positive energy. They promote wellness, optimism and productivity. Temper them with softer greens and blues or gray for a pleasing overall effect.

Seeking Relaxation?

Blue is your go-to. Blue symbolizes peace, rest and encourages relaxation. Many people are drawn to this color naturally for these qualities. Blend with warmer tones to provide a rich, lush feel of harmony.

Let's not forget about our tried-and true-neutrals:

Gray will never leave our lives. It is conservative and safe; it is in the middle and easily mixes with more impactful colors. That is why it makes such a great neutral.

Beige is making a big comeback due to its warm feel and ability to get along with so many other colors. It is comforting and reliable.

I have also found using a little black in every space gives a grounding point. If it is just a black lamp shade or a frame on a piece of art, that little bit of black contrast elevates a space.

Color does not have to be scary. Start small with a pillow or artwork. A little bold color can go a long way. If you love something, it will bring you joy. Live colorfully! If you love a color, use it in your interiors; it can do wonders for your mood.

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