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Coloring The Woodlands

Piney Rose hosts first annual Midsummer’s Eve Artists Gala

Article by Amanda Lattimer

Photography by Photography provided

Piney Rose is always looking for ways to bring out the artistic side of The Woodlands. From doing their first ever “Flower Flash” in the spring, where they decorated the community sculptures with flowers, they continue to show their appreciation of local artists. Piney Rose hosted their first annual Midsummer’s Eve Artists Gala where they transformed their shop into an elegant art gallery. Guests admired dozens of paintings while enjoying champagne and snacking on charcuterie board bites. Seven key artists of The Woodlands including Kelsey Miller, Brushed Script, The Silver Lining Studio, LivColorfully, Jessie Whittleman, Jourdan Smith and Rozanne Nargie were featured at the event and got to show the community their talent. The range of styles and artwork consisted of vibrant abstract paintings, landscapes, nature and more! The shop was bursting with color and inspiration.

For Jessie Whittleman, it was her first time to show her artwork in a public setting. “The Midsummer’s Eve Gala was a night of feeling support, love and gratitude for friends, family and the talent that was there at the Gala. I’m honored to have been chosen as one of the artists for 2021,” said Whittleman.

The art gala was originally inspired by two Piney Rose employees that happen to be artists on the side. Naomi Habegger, the mastermind behind The Silver Lining Studio, spends her time at the shop as one of the lead floral designers, handcrafting several arrangements every day. If you have ordered flowers from Piney Rose, chances are she is the one that created it for you. Amanda Lattimer, the marketing manager for Piney Rose, is a painter herself when she isn’t running the social media and writing blog posts. Working in a place where they have the creative freedom but can also celebrate local artists in the same environment is something so unique to Piney Rose.

Owners Cullen and Taylor Handfelt always strive to give back to the community in any way they can. They decided that all the proceeds of the gala would be donated back to The Woodlands Art Council scholarship program. They were able to raise about $300 for the organization, and the turnout for the event was more than 100 people.