Peace of Mind with Berkshire Heating and Air Conditioning

Commitment to customers means a trustworthy choice

When the unexpected happens, people reach out to those they can rely on most. For unexpected heating and cooling issues, Berkshire Heating and Air Conditioning is a source of long-term stability and reliability. However, the true heart of the business is the tremendous respect and care that district manager Kristina Smith and her husband and service manager Josh Smith show for their customers and employees. The husband and wife team run the decades-old business as if it were their own.

Kristina worked her way up from office manager to general manager to district manager, and is firmly invested in the wellbeing of her staff and customers. “I am the lady who wants to be able to help everyone to the best of my ability,” says Kristina. 

The company’s maintenance plans are just one example of how much customers mean to the business. “The maintenance plans we offer have not increased in price since 2013,” says Kristina. “While other companies have added fuel surcharges and temporary inflation surcharges, I have not—because I am a consumer myself and own a home. And I have parents and family that all live locally, and I would not want someone to charge them that.”

Another part of Berkshire Heating and Air Conditioning’s customer service allows homeowners to sign up for a membership agreement, which provides yearly maintenance as well as a guarantee that the company will come out within 24 hours if something goes wrong. It also means that members don’t pay overtime charges on holidays or weekends.

Berkshire Heating and Air Conditioning also welcomes the calls of those who haven’t worked with them in the past, and Kristina is dedicated to helping in a timely manner. “What I express to people calling, especially during the busy times, is that our dispatch board is a puzzle and has moving pieces all day long,” says Kristina. “I try to fit everyone in in a timely fashion.”

Increased safety measures and equipment shortages during the height of the COVID pandemic posed challenges to how Berkshire Heating and Air Conditioning did business. “We had to mix it up a bit and buy from different vendors and brands to get products to our customers,” says Kristina. Despite the challenges faced over the last couple years, the business has continued to grow and Kristina has built a team that she is grateful for. “My main goal is to create a fantastic customer experience and a positive work culture for my employees,” she says. “I want to be that company that is one step above all the others.”

Berkshire Heating and Air Conditioning is located at 8 Capital Avenue in West Springfield. For more information, please visit or call 413.271.7611.

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