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An all-female team united by the same cause

Article by Joanna Sanchez

Photography by Christy White Photography

Originally published in Pearland Lifestyle

Community First ER is a locally owned and operated emergency room servicing Pearland, Deer Park, and surrounding areas. Dr. Radheshyam Miryala, who prefers to be called Dr. Rad, is the Medical Director and the brain behind the company that pledges to provide first class care through personalized attention, comfortability, and state of the art facilities. In order to increase the impact of the industry-leading patient experience that Community First ER is known for, Dr. Rad knew he had to increase awareness of the services his healthcare organization offers. With this mission in mind, Dr. Rad assembled a super squad of heroine heralds tasked with touting the capabilities of Community First ER. These mavens of marketing combine their strengths and put their trust in each other to get the job done. 

Marketing Manager Jennifer Almaguer has been a powerhouse promoter of the organization for over three years and oversaw the expansion of the urgent care facility in Deer Park. Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs helped her understand the discipline and self-commitment needed to keep a business thriving. “With the love of my family, my hard work, consistency, and dedication, I put myself through graduate school.” Utilizing her advanced degree, Jennifer assists in recruiting healthcare workers for the two locations, coordinates community events, and develops advertisements and marketing ideas for Community First ER. 

The client-facing duties of the business development unit fall to Amanda DeAlejandro, the confident conversationalist who lobbies physicians' offices and urgent care centers for patient referrals. She also helps host public healthcare workshop, chamber events, fundraisers, and healthcare networking events at their facilities. Her deft interpersonal skills and welcoming personality are greatly admired by her teammates. Amanda’s involvement with other local organizations such as the Houston Rodeo committee, Navidad en el Barrio, Project Hope and Joy, and the Deer Park Rotary has helped to build her prominence in the community and to strengthen her public speaking and event hosting skills.  

With fresh ideas in communication and technology, Tess Hammock the thorough techie also in the business development side has been diligently leveling up Community First ER’s digital presence. Very detailed and task oriented she has been working behind the scenes ordering promotional items, for the company, and the advertisements to provide a fresh approach that keeps it modern. Having grown up volunteering and fundraising with her family and church Tess’s genuine nature has accepted her leadership role humbly viewing it as a rare opportunity to grow as an individual as well as making a difference in her neighbors’ lives.  

The trio are united bouncing strategies and challenges off each other during presentations with ease as if they were born for it, a dynamic that is few and far between. “We all know where our strengths are so we use that to function more efficiently as a team.” says Tess. Community First ER hires people who they believe will treat patients like family but when seeing these ladies in action everyone is treated like family. 

 What advice would you give for women starting their career path in public relations? 

Networking is so important! It can be intimidating, but just be yourself and make a goal for yourself (ex: I want to talk to x amount of people today). If you’re not feeling confident, plan out a couple talking points and wear an outfit you feel great in. - Tess 

 Is there a woman who you have received professional inspiration from, if so tell us a little. 

Yes, Melinda Torrison, CEO of Meador Staffing. She is an inspiration to me. She is a dedicated leader in her community, she is centered and anchored in her faith, and has some of the most robust and positive energy I have ever been around. What I love most about her is her kind heart. You can tell all her decisions are heart centered and admire how successful she has been leading her staffing company. -Jennifer 

How do you feel your individual strengths complement each other? 

Gosh, where do I begin with this question. We each have our very own strengths, I'm good at talking to people, I can become friends with a brick wall. Tess is amazing at everything technology, organization and task oriented. Jen is great at all the behind-the-scenes marketing ideas. When I need help with any computer stuff, I know without a doubt those two can do it in 5 seconds compared to me sitting for an hour figuring something out. Whereas if we need help meeting someone new or going to talk to a new doctor's office, urgent care or anyone new, I'll be the girl. And when we're doing business that way it just makes our jobs so much easier because we know someone can help with that one challenge you may have. -Amanda 

What makes Community First ER different? 

Community First ER truly stands behind its name, Community First. We love to give back to our community in various ways. You’ll see us at chamber events, fundraisers, volunteering, hosting our own events, and more. We truly want the community to know that we are there to serve them and give back to them. We want to take care of our community when there is an emergency and even when there isn’t. We strive to be a well-known name in our community and for people to know they can rely on us. 

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