Connecting the Dots

The Fierce Women of the Polka Dot Powerhouse Westminster Chapter

“There’s a dot for that.” The mission of Polka Dot Powerhouse (PDP) is to connect the world’s most positive, action-forward, amazing women to build lifelong friendships and business relationships. The organization prides itself on empowering, educating, supporting, and celebrating women. With over 50 chapters worldwide, PDP boasts a wide and diverse membership. 

Colorado is home to 6 PDP chapters, with the local Westminster chapter holding the designation of “Platinum Elite” status, meaning the chapter is the largest in the country with over 150 members and growing. 

The growth and reach of Westminster PDP has happened under the leadership of Connie Kercher, founder and managing director of the chapter she launched in Arvada in 2015. Connie is a powerhouse, a dynamo. Ask any Dot (that’s what they lovingly call themselves and each other), and she’ll tell you about her first encounter with Connie. She’s beautiful, energetic, bubbly, and encouraging. She believes so fiercely in empowering women that you can just feel it when you’re in her presence. 

She and her powerhouse leadership team consisting of Tiffany Blakley, Kristen Judd, Samantha Markey, Mandy McGowan, Roni Lee Reynolds, Stephanie Schoolmeester, Samantha Schultz, Suzette Skidmore lead the chapter in monthly meetings (currently there are 4 in-person meetings to choose from each month) at Switchboard Networking Boutique (founded by Kercher in 2016). 

But this organization isn’t simply about networking meetings. There is a vibrant community online and in-person. The Dots gather one-on-one and in small groups all over the city, getting to know each other as friends, confidants, and sometimes customers and business collaborators if the connection is right. The chapter holds regular social events, self-care opportunities, and educational workshops. Because of their designation as Platinum Elite, the chapter earned a special day of fellowship and inspiration with PDP founder Shannon Crotty on April 14. 

This year Polka Dot Powerhouse celebrates 10 years of connections. Crotty says of the impetus behind founding PDP, “I want to replicate the feeling that I had with my sister (and still do) for other women. When you are seen, accepted, appreciated, and valued, there is simply nothing you cannot accomplish. When you have an army of allies, educators, friends, colleagues, and clients who are genuinely thankful that you are on this earth and say, ‘We all go up together,’ everything changes. I love that.”

We asked chapter members what it is about PDP that inspires and empowers them. Kitty Coy said, “Being a Dot has changed my life forever. I am so supported by my Dot sisters that I have increased my business by 10 fold! I have broken out of my shell and really stepped into my greatness with the love and support of my Dot sisters!” 

Kirsten Ringer, a literary agent from Colorado currently on a nomadic RV journey offers this testimonial: “I can’t imagine the person I would be without The Dots. Surrounding myself with supportive women boosted my confidence as a business owner, mom, and all-powerful woman. The openness of members to share, connect and be curious about other members pulls in women of all backgrounds. And, with the abundance mentality, there’s room for everyone; no limiting how many of one business can be included. The pandemic never felt lonely. I connected Dots all over the world. Connection first. The rest will come naturally.” 

From the first day you step into Switchboard Networking Boutique for a meeting, you feel that you are on to something great. Jessica Millhiser joined in February and says, “I've already made wonderful connections with like-minded women and feel like I have a cohort I can lean on.” THIS IS A PLACEHOLDER FOR A MORE TESTIMONIAL QUOTES. 

PDP welcomes the participation of women and women-identified persons of all ages, races, abilities, backgrounds, religions, and sexual orientations. We seek and value a diverse and inclusive membership, and all women are encouraged to join. Our connections to each other transcend life experiences, educational paths, career choices, and family structures. Our diversity of perspectives promotes stronger personal and professional relationships that are valued by our members and celebrated in everything we do.

PDP invites Westminster City Lifestyle Readers to come to a special open house, date and time TBD, sign up here (insert contact info) for more information.

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