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Counting Blessings with Community Resources

Staten Island's Unsung Heroes Share Their Grateful Hearts

In a world that often moves too fast, Community Resources stands as a steadfast reminder of the power of compassion, gratitude, and community support. As we delve into their impactful work, we also explore what they’re profoundly grateful for this year and ways that you, our community members, can help to get involved.

At the core of Community Resources’ mission is a commitment to supporting individuals of all ages with disabilities to reach their highest potential and provide opportunities and experiences that enable them to live rewarding and meaningful lives. They offer a number of services including residential assistance, day habilitation, supported employment and pre-school education – just to name a few. In addition to these, Community Services has nurtured a new oasis of sustenance with their fully accessible and organic ‘Serenity Garden’. This vibrant patch of land is home to bountiful peppers, eggplants, tomatoes, squash, corn, kale, romaine lettuce as well as herbs such as rosemary, thyme and basil. In addition to this, baby fig trees, pear trees and blueberry bushes are receiving the utmost care to grow into plentiful sources of food. This garden has made a significant impact on the lives of many with weekly donations that are given to Jacobs Well Food Pantry. Once these generous donations are received, there are an average of 50-60 people a day who line up outside! "Food delivery gets there at about 10am and there are people who will wait for an hour or more to get their organic fresh produce" says Michael DeGrottole, Chief Operating Officer. Community Resources has also recently unveiled their new hydroponics room which will enable food growth all year round. They are proud to announce that there are currently about 400-500 pods prepared to grow some leafy vegetables in addition to tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. This act of kindness extends the organization’s impact beyond their immediate community, fostering a rippling effect of goodwill.

During this season of giving, Community Resources sat down with us to discuss the many reasons they are grateful this year. First and foremost they are grateful for Joseph Conti, the organization’s board chair, who has been a steadfast advocate for 46 years! In recognition of his unwavering support and commitment, they have chosen to name their Serenity garden after him. Joseph’s legacy continues to inspire and guide the organization towards greater heights. Community Resources is also extremely grateful for their direct support professionals as well as all of their staff who tirelessly work in group homes, day programs, their pre-school etc. These unsung heroes provide critical support for individuals with diverse needs and the organization deeply appreciates their hard work and dedication. These staff members truly increase the quality of life for the people they care for and this year Community Resources was awarded a new group home, which will allow them to continue their mission of providing a safe and supportive environment for those in need, demonstrating their commitment to growth and positive change. This, among other things has brought the organization a great deal of gratitude.

While they have already accomplished so much, Community Resources is always looking for ways to do more and touch more lives. This month, the Giving Tuesday movement is taking place which is an initiative to encourage people to donate to their favorite non-profits in an effort to transform communities and the world. Employing 300 individuals, with 98% based in Staten Island, Community Resources understands that their growth means more job opportunities for the local community. Their continued expansion holds the promise of empowering more individuals and families while strengthening the Staten Island work force. They invite the community to stay in touch with them by participating in their events and connecting with them on social media to stay updated on their impactful work.

If you would like to make a donation to Community Resources, head to and hit the big green DONATE button!

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  • The Serenity Garden
  • The Serenity Garden under renovation
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