Cozy Spaces for Pets

Comfortable, Functional, and Chic Options for Furry Family Members

Pets are family. Sharing your home with a furry friend is a treasured experience, as they bring love and joy to our lives. Yet, sharing the furniture with a feline or canine companion might be a different story. Which means, pets need their own safe spaces to feel comfortable and get cozy within the home. 

For those hesitant to simply toss an unsightly blanket in the corner or a cumbersome dog bed in the living room, there are a number of stylish, convenient, and functional ways to make your home more comfortable for your pet, while maintaining your chic home decor. 

Under Stairs Kennel or Dog House

Dogs require their own, private, safe space. Kennels and dog houses are often found outside, but what happens when weather or living situation prevent them from being outdoors? It is important to have a place in the home they can go when they need personal space. This option takes advantage of a mostly unused space and creates an ideal, aesthetically pleasing addition that your pet will love. 

Not Your Average Dog Bed

Dog beds come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. Coordinate your pet's cozy bed to fit the style of your home. Choose something that is functional and comfortable for your pet, yet doesn't need to be shoved into a corner when guests visit. 

Cabinet Drawer Food Station

Dog bowls can be an eye sore and an inconvenience. Customize a cabinet drawer to conceal food bowls and keep them out of your way when navigating the kitchen. Raising food bowls off the ground can even have digestive benefits for larger dogs and make eating easier. 

Wall Mounted Cat Shelf

Feline friends deserve their own special space, too. Since cats are always keen on climbing, give them a specific spot to climb and perch in, rather than all over your furniture. They can jump, climb, perch, and rest in style. Wall mounted cat furniture comes in a variety of styles and shapes to suit your home (and pet's) needs. Chic shelf, or cat perch...who can tell?

Upgraded Dog House

In this case, being in the dog house is actually a good thing. Additions such as a shaded porch area, raised dog bowls, stained wood, extra large living quarters, and roof shingles, elevate your dog's outside shelter into an eye-catching part of the backyard. 

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