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Article by Mindy Hargesheimer

Photography by Mindy Hargesheimer

You know those Insta-worthy party posts that elicit immediate envy and eye capturing settings you WANT to be a part of?

YAH! I get it, and so does the one and only Wonder & Whimsy Events; the singular bohemian chic, cutting edge, stunning Tipi-inspired soiree hosted by the visionary herself, the beautiful and inspirational Founder Sara Garris! But it doesn't simply stop there...

Wonder & Whimsy Events collaborates with a collection of local KC-area artists who curate the most beautiful spreads that far and away out-impress the best of them!

Sara's story in and of itself is so intriguing. Adopted, with a Native American background, and with a mother who evidently threw "extra" parties for Sara as a child; it looks like that up bringing came full circle with Sara's innate ability to become the Experience Creator that she is, combining her "extra" attention to event details and her love for these wildly impressive party tipis!

The Wonder & Whimsy rental Bell Tents and Tipis are GORGEOUS when all dolled up; I'm talking strung lights, floral arrangements, grazing displays, plate settings, throw poufs, pillows and rugs, and a darling Prosecco truck is the icing on the tipi cake! Who (ever) needs another indoor banquet room when you can entertain amidst W&W's 'Under Canvas' (pictured below) or 'Open Air' Tipi set up beneath the sun and stars? It's a complete and utter differentiator in today's entertainment space, and by far the most EXQUISITE of all venues!

Either way you slice it, it's enchanting, unique, and an ambiance your guests will drop their jaws at.

It's great for kids too, because what kid doesn't LOVE the idea of camping? Now you can kick it up a notch by grabbing a projector and displaying a movie for the kiddos to enjoy as they nestle into their comfy Bell Tent backdrop. Make it a glamp-over, campout, or luxury picnic, all dependent on your child's vibe and style.

So now that you have your Tipi; let's deck this beauty out! Scroll down to read about W&W's creative partners!

Grazing Kansas City + Good Stuff China

Two Words: Charcuterie Board! "Sarah Juenemann is a Kansas City based food stylist, creative designer, and social gathering lover. She is owner and founder of Grazing KC, a hand-crafted charcuterie board and table company." With savory and sweet boards abound, Grazing KC not only is known for her WIDEspread works of art, but now also creates individual servings for the comfort and safety of all in attendance.

Looking for a theme? Request seasonal, alma mater, pro sports favorites, holiday and more. Want ALL the savory? Veggies and dips can take the stage. More SWEET? Perhaps a s'mores board is in the cards. No matter how you dice it, Grazing KC is an absolute culinary STUNNER for your table!

So where does all of the GORGEOUS Grazing grub land? On a 'Good Stuff China' tablescape, of course!

With a striking array of hand picked vintage place settings and serving pieces, the curation of glassware, flatware, cups, saucers, and plates will be BEYOND photo worthy amongst its constituents. Why settle for basic white when the Good Stuff China team can layer their beautiful, intricate designs, shades, and shapes? Fill in the beautiful space with cake stands, dessert bowls, coffee pots, and more. Believe me when I say the photos of the Grazing Boards and China alone are wall art worthy.

Love the collection? Go ahead, purchase it! Rentals aside, owner Jami Van Herck welcomes you into her 3 tiered options of bundles to buy: Silver, Platinum and Gold. Good Stuff China also delivers, sets up, AND cleans your suite of settings. Your event is made simple and sophisticated with the collaboration of these amazing partners!

Fizzolino + Solstice Floral Studio

Now that we have our vintage glassware and cups, let's fill those babies to the rim with...what else; Bubbly! The cutest darn Italian Tap Truck navigating the (back) streets of the Midwest is the Kansas City Prosecco Truck, but it, too, doesn't just stop there. Name aside, Fizzolino owner Katie puts on tap whatever your party heart desires, be it beer, sangria, wine, margarita; you call it, and let this wine truck be your mobile bartender that, again, is a photo opportunity in and of itself!

Doll it up with garland, lights, streamers, etc. for a personalized touch to your unique event. Pop that hatch, grab some glasses and drink your event away with the cutest accessory on wheels!

Last but not least, whatever will you sit beneath other than a magical, floating floral masterpiece by 'Solstice Floral Studio!'

I've never seen such an amazing creation before I saw owner Alison's floating design that nary a human eye could spot how it was hung. This pictured piece in particular was made of dried florals that Alison transported and assembled on site. Mesmerizing is an understatement, and a reminder of the possibilities of the bolder the design, the bigger the impression and memory of the ambiance and its experience!

Dedicated to wedding and events, Solstice Floral Studio is a visionary in the floral space. Most of us are accustomed to the standard bouquets, but when you see one of Alison's floral "clouds" elevated above your intimate space, you'll stand still in your tracks and find any reason to continue permeating your every day with Alison's grandiose creations!

"In a world of sameness and ordinary, we offer the extraordinary."

- Wonder & Whimsy Events

Enlist Sara, Jami, Alison, Sarah, and Katie to be your powerhouse of unforgettable event enthusiasts who will become friends for life!

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