Dear Younger Me

Three Westminster Women Pen A Note To Their Younger Selves

[* reference text, not print - Nancy McNally]

Dear Younger Nancy,

You were blessed to have a birth mother that gave you life. She loved you so much she made sure you had a family that would provide for you in every way. Being adopted at 4 months old, your world changed. The Lord has a plan and when you look back it will be very clear.

Your values are based on your faith. You will learn to pray, help others, learn and lead. Your strong-willed personality will at times make things hard and at times make you shine. Be true to who you are always.

You will see the Lord intervene when leadership learning opportunities are presented. You will have opportunities to teach others and help them lead. One of the best attributes you will possess is active listening. As a mother you will use those skills, and find when you listen and not judge, people will come back and talk to you.

You will never know where life’s journey takes you until it does, a son born 10 weeks early, your oldest daughter getting out of the first tower hit in 9/11, and the news your second grandson has cancer and passes at age 16. As you journey on each path, you will hang on tight to your faith! You will pray what seems unceasingly. You will ask God why, what can you do, and to
make every moment count.

God gave you a husband that supports you with his whole heart in whatever you choose to do. Together you will get through the rough times with friends and family by your side laughing, crying, and sharing the memories that get you through the day.

You are creative. Start your own business and teach others.

“Oh the places you will go!”

-Nancy McNally, Mayor, City of Westminster


[* reference text, not print - Diane Kingsbeck]

Words of Wisdom to young Diane, 

This too shall pass! Your business is slow, your boyfriend broke up with you. Your heart is broken... This too shall pass. A change of season: You're super busy, and in love! This too shall pass.

Don't worry about what other people think about you, it's none of your business. Be bold! It's what you think of yourself, it's the love that you give yourself, that matters.

Surround yourself with good people. Some of your friends and co-workers are not on the same path as you and can derail your momentum. Don't be afraid to get rid of them.

Don't go out with Dave! He is bad news.

Invest and save more! The future is coming.

Work for yourself sooner than later. Open your own salon even if you don't think you're ready, you are!

Dance, love and laugh. Start your morning with some shower dancing and singing. Laugh at the small stuff, it's ok! Love yourself. And others will too.

Don't make permanent solutions for temporary problems. Again, this too shall pass!

You're gonna make it girl! 

I Love You....

-Diane Kingsbeck, Stylist and Owner, Fabulous Hairstyles by Diane Kingsbeck


[* reference text, not print - Ashley Townsend]

Little Girl, I remember you—
All bouncing curls and coke-bottle glasses
Daydreaming from the quiet of a tiny rocking chair
One moment pensive—the next alive with singing
Your Song
And the world was listening with such care
Oh four, I do remember
How loved you were
For all the colors of you…

Colors change with the seasons
Seasons change what once was true
And I know that you’ve been wondering
If your colors still shine through

Nothing fun about this funhouse
Twisted shadows, taunting laughs
You can’t see, and no one sees you
Every day you wear a mask

But on stage the lights are brighter
For a moment you are heard
Characters feel much safer
Since the emotions aren’t yours

Fourteen—Can you hear me?
I’ve ignored you for so long
Every part of you is with me
And I want to hear your song
You sat heavy in my chest
When I felt invisible
I couldn’t breathe
So I dismissed you
But you were never really gone

Will you come and sit beside me?
I’ll be ready when you are
Broken mirrors, tapes rewinding
You are why I got this far

Let me tell you, you’re a phoenix
This is where it all begins
You will walk through many fires
Over and over you’ll be born again

An old soul needs reminding
That you’re enough the way you are
They said you were too sensitive
But you will heal, and they are scarred.
When heartache comes to visit
It is you I listen to
You hurt as deep as you love
And you always see the truth

I am grown and see you clearly--
An alchemist who just needs time
I will hold you in all your magic
Precious inner child of mine.

-Ashley Townsend, LCSW, MT-BC, therapist at VitalCare


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