Dear Younger Me

What would you say to younger you if you could

Article by Joanna Sanchez

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Dear Young Christy,

Don’t be in such a hurry to grow up! There will never be another time in your life where you are as free to pursue your dreams! As your family expands, time to devote to your own interests, and desires will come less easily. Don’t travel through this season of your life too quickly. 

Please give yourself grace! Remember imperfection always beats stagnation! You will find your dreams shift and change. Approach challenges with confidence and a plan and you will succeed! Keep moving forward! You have gifts to share with the world. Don’t hide them thinking they are less valuable because someone is more talented than you. Someone will always be more talented. That doesn’t make what you have to offer less!

A time will come when you’re not sure you will live to see your children grown. Through this trial, you’ll realize people are the most important things in life. Let the little things go! It’s okay to not win an argument or be right. Small things are never worth the cost of a valued relationship.  

LOVE! You will have the opportunity to parent many children. Some you will give birth to, some you will adopt, and others will be children of your heart who don’t have homes of their own. These children will make amazing transformations just because they are loved, believed in, and have a support system! The road will be difficult, but it will be so worth it!

Finally, you are fortunate to have an amazing circle of people!  Trust their faith in you! View yourself through their eyes and see your potential. Don’t let your own self-doubt dim your light! Go out into the world and pour goodness, love and happiness into it! You will have a richer life for it!

Love you,

Future me


When you were 20 years old you wrote the quote “I am the narrator of my lifetime story and it WILL be a Best Seller” …. Well, wasn’t that the truth. From your future eyes, now in a helicopter view staring at a little “Baby Bre” (as my Dad calls me) I stand in 1 thing and that’s P-R-I-D-E. Bre, life works out! The most powerful thing you have done is EVOLVE. Oh, the mistakes, the terrible decisions, the selfishness at times, the over giving other times…all of that doesn’t matter. Failures have formed you. I would love for you to know what your 2 biggest wins have been… 

1. Receiving unconditional love from your parents creating your foundation, always value that! 

2. You will learn to make peace with your past. Evolving has been your JAM! Good job girl! 

The pursuit of happiness has failed you many of times…Be grateful! That pursuit guided you to recognize it is not always the result you were chasing….it is the journey! These things led you closer to God and understanding yourself. You will find out… Your CUP is ALWAYS FULL. You do not crave anything in the flesh, you are not thirsty or dehydrated ever! I can’t wait for you to grow up past all of these awkward crazy “fun” times and feel intrinsic peace. Your husband is beautiful…good catch girl. Your children are amazing and maybe… just maybe you should have considered more? You are powerful and can handle ANYTHING life throws at you. Continue to know that little thing deep inside of you that always told you just to LOVE humans first….was your compass. Keep following that! 

Now, more importantly than what I tell my younger self, is what I will tell my future self…Voice of the future speak to me kindly! What we tell ourselves matters. Hopefully I am around midlife right now and I am just simply “narrating my lifetime story…and AGAIN… it will be a Best Seller”. 

Your Biggest Fan, 

Confident and Peaceful Breanne 

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