Dear Younger Me

I am So Proud of You!

From Gea Gomez, G World Properties

Hey my little girl,

I see you and hear those thoughts coming to your head while you run for your life. I know it’s late and everyone is watching novelas on TV, meanwhile you and your family hide to embark on that raft. Remember, be still, it’s going to be okay, as God will come through. He is about to turn a risky voyage into your miracle - the one mark you will use for all your life decisions. The best thing that has ever happened to us was fighting for that freedom, with the same fire today burning inside us.

The true meaning of “no regrets” will be your motto for all the amazing challenges and journey in which you will flourish. Guess what? Many didn’t understand you, and now all that intensity for life and wanting more, they call it vision. I’m so proud of you. Your essence is still the same, just more defined and stronger than ever. I’m glad you never allowed anyone to define us, and when they tried, we ran for our life. Like running for air.

The best choice was listening to our God and choosing that boy for a husband. He has become the most amazing life and business partner, friend, and adventure companion. Even in our darkest moments, we have learned to believe again and put our goals into full gear since we both understood we only have one life. My main advice is to try even more risks, because at the end, they are so worth it- even when you fail. It makes you unbeatable and invisible to your fears. No matter in which stage of life, the one and only true love and friend has been your King and Savior Jesus. The One that makes a way where there is none, and the One that keeps us inside his palm in the darkest storms. So, the quicker you manage the skills of “stillness,” the more He will show up. He has given you a strong next generation that follows the same fighter spirit our parents transmitted during the raft journey from Cuba to USA. Strong, determined men and women to impart to those around. Those will be your children!

Remember to be free and be still. 

Gea Gomez, Influential Leader, Real Estate Brokerage Co-Founder and Principal, Podcaster, Industry Association VP, Success Coach

Kim M. Clark, Lift Your Gaze

Dear Younger Me,

You are beautiful.
You are courageous.
You are amazing.
You are brilliant.
You have extraordinary value.

I am grateful for you and this journey you are on. Continue to fiercely seek and embrace personal growth, innovation, and excellence. Keep working hard, walking with integrity, and encouraging others to be better versions of themselves. Do not surround yourself with people who are beneath you, treat
you poorly, or attempt to suffocate you or your giftings.

You are a woman of great worth. If someone mistreats you, that reflects their internal deficit, not yours. Just as you don't take in someone else's garbage from the curb into your home, you don't take their emotional trash into your thoughts, being, and heart.

Sometimes, it is necessary to set boundaries and love people where they are and not allow them access to you and your life. You are far more precious than you realize. Don't throw your pearls to swine.

Do not be anxious about anything. God is going to use you to do extraordinary things, abundantly more than you can ever ask or imagine. You will do amazing things that you once thought impossible.

Remember that all things work for good for those who love God and are called according to his purposes—and that is you. When God closes a door to a relationship, situation, or opportunity, it’s for a reason and your protection. God’s ways are always higher than ours, just as the heavens are higher than
the Earth. 

Lift Your Gaze. God's got you. He is faithful and he will provide all the things you need.

With deepest admiration, respect, and love,
Your older self

Kim M. Clark, Multiple Award-winning and Amazon Best-selling Author, Publisher, Keynote Speaker, and Nonprofit Founder

Yanira Suarez, Queen Homes

Dear 15-year-old me,

You just started high school with so much excitement. Yet, you are hesitant to expose your opinionated and exuberant personality. You are trying your best to be the “good girl” you think you are supposed to be. Trust me you will not always do this. You will not always hold yourself back or hide who you really are. The next 20 years will be extremely hard, and everything you thought you knew will drastically change. Things and people will be removed and reveal your true self. Don’t ever hold back your opinions or change yourself to please others. People will always create their own opinion of you regardless of the true intentions of your heart.

You will learn to be strong and stand in your boldness, wisdom, and beauty, with a confidence that will inspire others. You will learn that making mistakes help build your strength. Being vulnerable will create your greatest and most valuable friendships. The opinions of others will no longer affect who you are and what you do. You will laugh loudly and boldly and will be contagious to others. You will learn to set boundaries and experience more joy because of it!

Enjoy being in your own skin. When you are challenged, continue to stand in your identity and your passions. Don’t doubt your capacities, talents, and gifts. The people who love you and see your potential will remain and will be celebrate you. You do not have to limit yourself to be loved. Embrace your strengths and weaknesses and you will reflect your authentic self. You will allow love and connection to find you. You are strong enough to stand and capable enough to choose the life you want for yourself.

Don’t be afraid to upset people. Your journey is unique, beautiful, and blessed abundantly. Cultivate authenticity in all you do. Be loud, exuberant, relentless and humble. Treasure your relationship with God above all. He will lead you and always open doors. Your parents will be a tower of strength and will lift you up when others judge you for your mistakes. You will have many deceptions in life but also amazing life rewards and experiences. Be always compassionate for others and an inspiration to the world.

Funny advice - make English your favorite topic in school - lol, as you will move to another country.
Live life without regrets. Keep dreaming. Don’t fall in love so young. Never give up. Life is so worth living.

Love you forever my younger me.

Yanira Suarez, Multi-million dollar producer, Custom Builder President & Co-Founder, Licensed Loan Officer, Reality Show Star

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