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Design a Farmhouse-Style Nursery


Article by Hayley Hyer

Photography by Stock Images + Provided

Gender-neutral nurseries that have a more grown-up aesthetic are becoming more and more popular. When you are a mom, you want to feel comfortable in the nursery that you will be spending so much time in. Why not design it to fit your taste? If you are into the farmhouse-style trend, here are some design tips and nursery inspiration.

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Welcome Home, Baby

"Before we went crazy in design land, we laid out the room to ensure our ideas for the layout would be functional as the roofline interfered with all but one of the walls. I love minor trials like this because these little quirks always result in a charming nook that make a space even more adorable."
—Lanie Draper

An English Country-Inspired Nursery

"If the 'theme' for this nursery sounds a bit scattered, welcome to my brain. But as I’ve pondered all the possibilities for this nursery, I keep returning to old classics like spool furniture, hand block printed fabrics, and the Beatrix Potter books I loved as a child. The swirl of ideas seems to be coalescing around these themes. I want this nursery to have a cosy, old school vibe, but I’m keeping it eclectic and bohemian with plenty of pattern play."
—Trim Design Co.
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Shop Farmhouse Nursery Furniture + Decor

Ramsha 4-in-1 Convertible Standard Crib and Dresser 2-Piece Nursery Furniture Set

Almaden Table Lamp Set (Set of 2)

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Farmhouse 3 Piece Acacia Wood Crate Set

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Gray/White Beth Farmhouse Plaid Peel and Stick Wallpaper Roll

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Rectangle Abbeville Oriental Dark Blue Area Rug

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