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Justin Walts

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Diamond Auto Detailing: An Easy Car-Care Choice

Luxury, quality auto protection at an affordable price

Just off the main road of Route 5 in West Springfield, Justin Walts, owner of Diamond Auto Detailing, works tirelessly bringing beauty to all cars, from luxury to everyday vehicles, through meticulous detailing. Every vehicle receives his excellent attention to detail, and owners will find his honest approach to vehicle care refreshing.

Before starting Diamond Auto Detailing, Justin had spent most of his life around cars. He began helping in his father's auto shop, Walt Brother’s Auto Repair, when he was nine years old, fixing all types of vehicles and performing routine customer support. More than six years ago, he began to detail vehicles on the side, earning a reputation for exceptional service.

Justin eventually ventured further, devoting himself to detailing full time while still helping in the family business. He prides himself on keeping his customer’s best interests in mind from the moment he meets them. “More people will return for repeat business when you educate them and explain the benefits of our services,” Justin reveals.

Justin chooses to not only protect a vehicle’s exterior from the harsh New England weather and summer sun, he also strives to protect his customer’s wallets. Offering luxury level protection at an affordable price, the most popular service Diamond Auto Detailing offers is a ceramic coating by NanoPro. “It’s similar to a glass screen protector for your paint in a liquid form,” Justin describes.

NanoPro coating provides long-lasting scratch and rust protection, decreasing the amount of time spent on cleaning, including future details, as well as increasing the value of the vehicle. Diamond Auto Detailing also diligently cleans the owner's vehicle from the inside out, top to bottom, using high-quality products to protect the interior as well.

Every vehicle deserves long-lasting care and protection. Diamond Auto Detailing is an affordable option for any vehicle, from top-of-the-line luxury sedans and sports cars to family SUVs and work trucks. Be sure to like and follow “Diamond Auto Detailing” on for fabulous examples of detailed cars, as well as for giveaways! You can also reach Justin at 413.454.3623 to schedule an appointment.

Justin Walts offers protective coatings including NanoPro 10H Radical ceramic coating, NanoPro Borophene MAX coating, and the top-tier Diamond Deluxe package for paint protection up to 7+ years. Justin also does paint correction to remove swirl marks, deep scratches, water spots, swirl marks, and more, and does complete interior detailing with NanoPro rim, glass, fabric, and leather coatings.