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Years of Experience & Quality Craftsmanship Go Into Every Home

Donnelly Innovations, a general contracting firm focused on high-end remodeling and new construction in Ventura, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara counties, is in high demand. Its owner, Michael Donnelly, began by remodeling homes back in 1974, and then set out to master every trade involved in the construction industry. 

“I’ve been doing high-end remodeling for the last 45 years,” says Michael. 

What makes Donnelly Innovations stand out from other general contractors, he says, is a wealth of knowledge and a great understanding of structural design concepts backed by engineering. Master craftsmanship is maintained in all phases of construction; many of his employees have been with him for over 25 years. 

“Each employee is tooled up and proficient in many areas of the remodeling process,” he says. “Every tradesman is aware of all the procedures involved and has a keen eye on the overall project along with full-time supervisors.”

“The key to the highest level of work being performed is understanding it as a finished project before even starting it,” he says. “This makes it easy to catch any errors and make any corrections as the job is proceeding. That’s why you have to be there every day.” 

When hiring a contractor, says Michael, do your research. 

“Look for someone with experience and accountability, make sure they are licensed and insured, and contact past clients,” he says. 

Michael is also well-versed in the latest trends and what appeals to his clients. 

Telescoping doors are often requested. With these, the walls can be completely opened up, so you’re not closed off behind a door or windows. They basically bring the outdoors in. 

Also, the electronics that go into these houses are very complex, explains Michael. Most things, such as light and sound controls, shades, alarms, televisions and air conditioning, can be controlled through your phone or tablet. 

“The most important thing we do is build relationships,” says Michael. “We create a partnership with each client by listening carefully to their needs and responding efficiently. This approach truly sets us apart and enables us to deliver superior results.”

To learn more, visit or call 805.377.0852.