Dr. Rudderman Moves into Midown

The Ruddermans are no strangers to the Midtown community. Having met who would one day be his future wife, Jennifer, in New York, Randy had to convince his bride to head south to Atlanta. That was two decades ago, and she was looking for the urban style of life she loved. She found it in Midtown, and that is where decided to call their new home and where they have resided ever since.

Even back then, they loved the ability to walk to dinner and the park. It was much different 20 years ago than it is today, Dr. Rudderman says, but they always loved the sense of community, the arts and the spirit of their neighborhood.

This is one of the main reasons Dr. Rudderman wanted to expand his practice in his neighborhood. When he learned that Northside was opening a prominent medical facility, he knew it was a natural expansion of his practice. Since 1989, Dr. Rudderman has been in private plastic surgery practice in Atlanta, focusing on the full range of aesthetic procedures: eyelid surgery, breast augmentation and breast lifts, liposuction, abdominoplasty, facelifts and facial reconstruction, among others.

Dr. Rudderman’s research and practice, together with the influence of his wife, Jennifer, a fashion designer who is the founder and CEO of a highly successful line of fine jewelry, have led him to view the role of plastic surgery in a manner that allows him to connect with his patients in a unique way.

Dr. Rudderman believes that to give the best advice regarding plastic surgery, the surgeon must understand and balance the patient’s desire, body frame and genetics, along with both patient lifestyle and the culture of fashion.

“Fashions in clothing and plastic surgery share the same basic purpose: to modify, conceal and accentuate, in keeping with the trends of the time,” he says. “The plastic surgeon must seek a precise balance for each patient. On the one hand, procedures performed should be in concert with fashion-driven cultural norms, while remaining sensitive to how both those norms, and the patient’s body, will change over time. Changes to conform to fashion, however, should not conflict with the natural form in any way.”

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