Duo Combines Compassionate Personalized Care with State-of-the-Art Dental Technology

Dr. Cerisa Moncayo of The Palisades Dentists and husband, Dr. Max Moncayo, of Palisades Surgical Arts, embrace technology in their "sister" practices in the Palisades. Having distinguished themselves with their training, skills and expertise; shared passion for their respective professions; compassion for patients of all ages; and their integrity, the pair strive to offer their patients the highest level of care. 

Whenever possible, the doctors practice conservative, biomimetic dentistry, focusing on minimally invasive and conservative treatment plans. However, they balance that philosophy with aiming for long-term solutions. As ethical and honest dental practitioners, they genuinely enjoy helping their patients—the treatment they render is dictated not by insurance companies, but by what the patient actually needs or elects. These dentists also offer treatment, pro bono, to people in need through various organizations. Both Southern California natives and proud Navy veterans, the Moncayos are humbled to be living and working in this vibrant community.

Practice Highlights

X-Guide Technology

The X-Guide is an extraordinary navigational system that enables Dr. Max to place dental implants in the most precise locations. It also allows him to "virtually" see into his patients' mouths in real time, as he guides the instruments to accurate locations. The X-Guide system—the newest and most advanced system approved for the placement of dental implants—uses 3D imaging, intelligent software and robotic camera technology.


For implant placements, extractions, gum surgery/rejuvenation, and any other oral surgery, Dr. Max uses patients' own stem cells to aid in their healing. L-PRF, which stands for “leukocyte and platelet-rich fibrin,” is used to optimize wound healing and facilitate a smoother, more comfortable process. Dr. Max collects a sample of the patient's blood, and then uses the unique IntraSpin System to separate and concentrate cells and active proteins. When he places this L-PRF in his patients' surgery sites, it releases the patient's own natural healing proteins, accelerating healing.

The PerioLase Laser

The PerioLase laser is currently the only FDA-approved laser that provides True Regeneration™ of the natural support for teeth and implants. The PerioLase offers a less painful alternative to conventional oral surgery for gum disease. This treatment results in regeneration of supporting gum tissue, new bone growth and gum tissue reattachment. In addition to reversing gum disease, this laser can also be used for a slew of other procedures, including, but not limited to reducing gum inflammation (by eliminating bacteria), reducing muscle tension and pain associated with TMJ disorder/TMD, eliminating canker sores, promoting wound healing after extractions/surgery, and much more. 

The Cone Beam CT 

This device takes three-dimensional images of the facial structures, including the teeth and jaw bones, allowing dentists to evaluate bone quality and quantity for dental implants. Additionally, it reveals the position of teeth, adjacent/surrounding structures, and also areas of infection. This imaging emits a fraction of the radiation of a medical CT scan.

Digital Impressions

With digital imaging, patients can avoid the gooey impression material. Although conventional impressions still have their place, some patients can be easily scanned by the dentist or assistant with a small hand-held camera. Using ultra-fast optical resonance to produce three-dimensional images, the lab technicians receive the information, and then use a 3-D printer to fabricate models of the patients' mouths and make crowns, bridges, mouth guards and more.  

The Wand

This painless anesthesia delivery system uses computer-assisted technology to precisely control the flow rate of the anesthesia. The Wand numbs the area ONE DROP at a time, so that patients don't feel the pressure or the pH change, which are normally the reasons why patients may experience discomfort. The Drs. Moncayo maintain that all injections should feel like The Wand, even when they are administered via traditional syringes.

Proper Monitoring

Some types of anesthesia can elevate a patient's heart rate, which can affect blood pressure, so the doctors monitor the blood pressure of each patient, even for minor dental procedures. This monitoring is a safety precaution that many dentists forego. Additionally, Dr. Max utilizes software that accurately records a patient’s electronic anesthesia/sedation information in real time and monitors patients, along with an assistant and another doctor in the room, to provide the safest care possible when performing oral surgery.

The Experience

Each treatment room is designed and inspired by simplicity and comfort, and fitted with plush, leather (PVC-free) A-dec chairs. The operatories feature intra-oral cameras that enable patients to see what is going on during their exams and procedures. Patients can also stream shows and music on adjustable screens or opt for noise-cancelling Bose headphones during treatment.

To reach Dr. Cerisa Moncayo of The Palisades Dentists, call 310.459.2303 or visit ThePaliDentists.com; for Dr. Max Moncayo of Palisades Surgical Arts, call 310.459.0014 or visit PaliSurgicalArts.com. Their "sister" practices are located at 881 Alma Real Drive, Suites T2 + T4, in Pacific Palisades.

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