Eat Green, Eat Local

Incorporating greens into your diet is a big step toward a healthier lifestyle.

Most of us have distinct memories of being told to “eat your veggies” when we were children, and we would begrudgingly eat a couple of bites of soggy broccoli so we could have dessert. But today, the amount and variety of fresh, seasonal vegetables we have access to have increased exponentially, and that has changed the way many people think about their greens. For the better!

According to USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS), from 1994 to 2019, the number of farmers markets rose from 1,755 to 8,771 in 2019, averaging growth of nearly 7 percent per year. 

This means there is a shade of green for everyone.

In the Charleston area alone, we have farmers markets from West Ashley to North Charleston, Mount Pleasant to James Island, where we can support local farmers and vendors, and get the freshest local greens (and other colors of the rainbow) possible. 

Shopping local is a win-win:

Supporting Lowcountry markets also ensures more money stays local. In a series of studies conducted by Civic Economics, for every dollar we spend at a national chain or large supermarket, only 15 cents stays local. Locally owned enterprises and markets, however, contribute up to 45 cents locally. 

Farmers markets are also a wonderful way to spend a morning with friends or family. Stroll through slowly, with a cup of locally brewed coffee in hand, and meet the farmers and artisans that are the backbone of our community. Ask questions, listen to their stories, learn about their backgrounds. It’s a complete experience, versus dashing into the supermarket for a couple of items. 

Follow your favorite farmers markets on Instagram or Facebook to keep track of what’s coming each week and any change in hours.

“I’ll meet you at the Farmers Market!”

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