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Discover Trendsetting Style Books at Smyrna Public Library

The Re:Fashion Wardrobe: Sew Your Own Stylish, Sustainable Clothes
by Portia Lawrie

Each year, a significant amount of clothing ends up in landfills due to fast fashion and the tendency to discard unfashionable clothes. This book teaches how to transform and reconstruct beloved garments into stylish new clothing and accessories, reducing waste while staying fashionable.

Joie: A Parisian's Guide to Celebrating the Good Life
by Ajiri Aki

This beautifully photographed book captures everything French, sharing the author's insights on Parisian living – from hosting happy hours to exploring cafes and antique markets. It inspires readers to embrace leisure like the French, cherishing spontaneous and joyful moments each day.

A Sweet Floral Life: Romantic Arrangements for Fresh and Sugar Flowers
by Natasja Sadi

Natasja Sadi, an Instagram star known for her sumptuous floral arrangements reminiscent of classical paintings, incorporates a surprising twist. Amid fresh flowers, she skillfully includes handmade sugar flowers, indistinguishable from real ones and lasting indefinitely.

The Joy of Home
by Ashley Gilbreath
Ashley Gilbreath, an interior decorator, shares her design process, emphasizing functionality, comfort, and beauty. She uses a client's favorite color as a unifying element and offers guidance on creating a forever home that grows with the family. The book features homes in Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Alabama, and Louisiana, all reflecting her passion for gracious everyday living.

Sacred Spaces: Everyday People and the Beautiful Homes Created Out of Their Trials, Healing, and Victories
by Carley Summers

Sacred Spaces explores fourteen homes in North Carolina, California, Canada, France, and Morocco, revealing the vulnerable stories behind each. The author, Carley Summers, a designer and photographer who once battled addiction, infuses her life experience into creating comforting and healing spaces for living and growth.

 Design Happy: Colorful Homes for the Modern Family
by Betsy Wentz

In this practical design guide, interior designer Betsy Wentz showcases 13 fabulous family homes. It's a valuable resource for those who can't or don't want to hire a designer, offering color studies, design lessons, pro tips, and practical advice for tackling similar challenges.

Mary Wallace Moore carefully curated this collection of books. You can find these books, along with many others to keep you au courant available for check out at Smyrna Public Library in downtown Smyrna. Mary serves as the library's director and is also the author of Smyrna, Georgia: "The Jonquil City,” Celebrating 150 Years (2022).

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