Elevating Senior Wellness

Windsor at Celebration Raises the Bar for Senior Health, Safety and Wellness

Senior health and wellness has moved into the spotlight over the past year. We’ve learned that no matter what’s happening in the world, seniors thrive when they embrace a wellness lifestyle which nourishes the mind and body, and helps fill the retirement years with joy and opportunities. At Windsor at Celebration, senior health is always a priority, and the wellness lifestyle is at the core of what the community offers residents.  

So, what does “wellness lifestyle” mean? At Windsor, it’s a holistic approach to health, safety, and wellness. Our Health & Wellness Navigation™ program consists of trained wellness navigators who partner with residents for day-to-day nutrition, fitness, and life-enriching activities, as well as our innovative EverSafe 360° program. Using this multifaceted program in conjunction with other daily practices, we address the health and safety of residents from every angle. Following are five tips seniors can follow to live a wellness lifestyle.

  1. Eat healthy food that nourishes your body. This may vary for each individual. At Windsor at Celebration, we offer a variety of options that help residents meet their healthy-eating goals, with heart-healthy and gluten-free options considered standard fare. Residents also enjoy fine-dining experiences and find we’re always flexible in accommodating any special dietary requests. 

  2. Stay physically active. Residents have ample opportunities to be active and move their bodies. Many enjoy swimming in the indoor pool, walking and taking in the sights of our beautiful neighborhood setting, or taking classes at The LiveWell Aerobics & Yoga Studio or Fitness Studio.

  3. Exercise your mind. A wellness lifestyle incorporates ample opportunities to nourish brain health and mental well-being. While physical activity contributes immensely to these areas, we offer many ways to feed our residents’ minds. They can explore their creativity in The Artists Den, and take in daily entertainment offerings like movies in our theater and nightly fireworks. Residents also enjoy plenty of games and use of technology solutions to stay engaged. 

We also offer Engage, a voluntary and confidential component of EverSafe 360° that addresses concerns affecting mental and emotional well-being, including stress, depression, isolation and grief, to name a few.

  1. Make and keep healthcare appointments. As part of EverSafe 360°, Telemedicine technology is utilized to provide an overall health and wellness platform to ensure residents at all care levels have on-demand access to physician services. 

Additionally, our medical advisory board continuously works to identify the latest technologies, innovations, and care delivery models to direct and guide our community, ensuring we’re providing best-in-class healthcare services.

  1. Keep your environments clean. At Windsor at Celebration, we are vigilant about keeping our community environment healthy. Our EverClean 360° partnership with P&G ensures a clean and safe environment. Professional cleaning solutions and sanitation systems, like electrostatic disinfecting and UV lighting, are used daily.

Bonus tip: Be prepared for emergencies. Have an emergency plan and ensure your escape path is clear and safe. At Windsor at Celebration, The Common Gathering Flex Space initiative provides the expertise needed to ensure our community spaces are safely navigated in an emergency.

Seniors can certainly embrace a wellness lifestyle no matter where they’re living. But at Windsor at Celebration, it’s seamlessly incorporated into every aspect of daily life. Not only that, but residents also enjoy all the wellness benefits that come with a burden-free life, the companionship of new friends, and the opportunity to live life to the fullest. 

We’re continuously elevating our standard of safety for every resident, family and employee we serve, which requires growing, learning and evolving. And that’s our commitment.

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